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Getting back to dancing after 7 years


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I hope i have posted this in the right forums, im new here. I am looking for some advice, I gave up dancing about 7 years ago, I started doing ballet, modern/jazz and tap at the age of about 3 until i was 12, due to being bullied and totally loosing my confidence and iv always regretted giving it up. Latley iv really wanted to get back to dancing and get back on the stage, i miss it so much! What are the chances that i would be able to do this at the age i am now, 19?


x Sally x

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Hello xsallyx, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers :)


The chances of perhaps getting on stage with a school performance are certainly a lot better than thinking in terms of professional performances, however, extraordinary things do happen sometimes. Seriously, there is no way to even guess at odds on this without being able to see you in class. We also do not know anything about the quantity and quality of your training, much less your facility for ballet. So, the best bet is to talk to your teachers. :)

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Well I was in the same situation, xsallyx.. I started again a year ago now (so aged 17); I also quit when I was 12. I can only say that I am so very happy to be dancing again, and I wish you good luck on starting again. :wub:

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