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As someone who doesn't live in the UK, I have no idea how the A Level syllabus compares to that of the Irish education syllabus and other countries. I would love to go to a ballet upper school in England in a couple of years (like RBS, Elmhurst etc...), and I think that I'd adjust fine to the academic side of it aswell, but my mum is concerned that the systems might be quite differant, and she's not too keen on the idea.... Could anyone who has gone to a pre pro school in England from other countries tell me how they adjusted to the academic side of it? And how differant it was to the country the lived in before going there?

Thanks :)

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I can't speak to the Irish system. DD is going to be a first year student (upper school) next year. She is coming from the USA. She will have 3 A level equivalents when she finishes 2nd year (enough to qualify her for English university). She will be missing some of the required courses for US university so she will be taking them on her own through an online high school program here in the states. That is part of the requirements that we have for her. She must be able to qualify for university in the states as well as England. RBS is very supportive of whatever needs students have for academics and will help them as much as possible. It is different than the high school I envisioned for her but it should work in either country and I think it will make her a very attractive applicant for university (when she decides it's time to do that!)

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Thanks for the info swanchat! Wow, it's great that your daughter will be able to do courses online, I hope it works well for her and that she enjoys her time at the RBS (lucky!) :)

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