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Stretching Knees


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I was wondering, as far as health wise, if it was ok to stretch my knees, not just straighten them in class, but stretch them outside of class to improve my lines. My Dad recently broke his leg this past year, and has been doing a lot of physical therapy to get his leg as close to back to normal as possible, and one of the things he is struggling with is being able to completely stretch his leg. So the doctors gave him this appliance that is called the "Knee extensionater II". Is is a completely bad idea to strech my knees on that to improve their range of "straightness"? I know that the knees are a very sensitive area, and my question is, if people stretch their knees on appliances like my Dad's or things of that nature, or if those things can cause injury if you are not recooperating from an accident? I don't want to do anything to cause injury, but if this is a way I can work on improving my lines outside the classroom I would love to try it.


Thank you for your answers.

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I really think that it would be a mistake for someone to use an appliance prescribed to someone else for the treatment of an acute physical problem that they don't have themselves. Straighten the knees the old-fashioned way, in class.

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You are asking a question that is a very difficult one to answer without seeing you and working with you. A straight knee to a ballet professional may be a bit more than what is common to the average person. Have you received corrections about the straightening of your knees in class? Why do you have this concern? More information is necessary. However, if you are considering using your father's exercise equipment without professional input, this is not a good idea! :)

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Ok, thank you. I am happy to work the old fashion way. I have been corrected on straightening my knees, and I have been working on them and they have been improving, so I will continue doing that.

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I'm having the same problem and I have as well been corrected for it a lot. Although I'm hyper extended I can't get my knee in arabesque to look straight. And, many of my teachers have gotten upset about this. Is there anything I'd be able to do to improve it, because I do work in class on straightening it and it still looks bent. :ermm:

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Xandra, if you are hyperextended, meaning that the knees straighten even further back than perfectly straight, then the only reason for them not to be straight in an extended position would be that you are not straightening them. With hyperextension sometimes you will feel like they are straight when they are not. You have to use those quad muscles! Also, work on feeling the muscles behind the knee.

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I also have this problem, as I have " hyperextension" or " sway backed" legs.


Thank you, this information has helped me a lot! :bash:

Edited by Jess :)
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