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Flamenco or not?


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Well, I'm asking this question here because I really don't know..

I'm going to university from this year on; a lot of changes of course. I've probably found a new ballet studio (going to try tomorrow :D ); I would be having class every day, except Tuesday and Sunday. I have never had so many hours of dance a week before.

Now I have the opportunity of also taking Flamenco classes on Tuesday. I'm not sure if I should do it; I would love to learn it, but then I already have class all of the other days (and I work at the local butcher's on Sunday, that's pretty tiring too :lol: ) and I'm a little afraid of exhausting myself.

And then I was also wondering what Flamenco would do to my body; I've read about a lot of students taking some flamenco in summer or things like that, but not really every week. Is it compatible with ballet? :unsure:

And then we also have the university thing going on of course; I still have to have the energy to go to class and to study. :P

I could also, for example, wait another year and start flamenco next year, so I can get used to the many ballet classes first (with Tuesdaynight off to rest). :P


Thank you in advance for your replies, :yes:


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Lidewij, it is really up to you because you are the one who knows your own energy level. If you are doubtful, and feel that you might need that day off, then it might be best to take the Flamenco next year. If you think you can handle all of your academic and ballet classes, and working on Sunday, plus adding that class, then go for it! It's fine to do it. Difficult, but also fun. :yes:


Good luck with all of your classes at University!

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I took up Flamenco last year, and was quite suprised at how different it is to ballet. Everything is very bold and strong, not refined and delicate like ballet (if that makes any sense). I also found that everything is very "into the floor" where as ballet is more about lifting up out of the floor. Being trained primarily in ballet, I really struggled to adapt to the style, but it actually benefitted my dancing alot. It helped me learn how to use floor pressure to my advantage, especially in my allegro.


Basically what I am trying to say is that you really should consider taking it if you have the oppertunity, and if your schedule permits. I would love to know if it would also help you with your other dancing!

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Hey! I took flamenco for several years when I was younger in addition to ballet. I don't think that training in flamenco could hurt your ballet training. If by compatible you mean that it will directly benefit your ballet training then I can't say that is necessarily true. However, later on in your dance education/career flamenco could help you in adding certain stylization and performance qualities to roles in ballets that have a Spanish flair, i.e. Carmen, Don Q, Paquita. Additionally, there is such a great energy and passion in flamenco that I found it helped me add more to my energy and passion in ballet. It's up to you but I would reccomend you give it a try! Best of luck in whatever you decide and have fun!

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Thank you for your replies, everyone; I'm figuring out my schedule right now and I hope I will be able to fit the flamenco in. :blushing:

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