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switching studios? can't decide


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This is my first post so I hope I do it right...feel free to correct me. I've been reading posts for a while and have found this forum to be very informative.

My DD is 11. Since she was very young, she's been taking classes at a pre pro school with a very good reputation. Two years ago, the studio seemed to imply that they did not think my daughter was talented or had potential as a dancer. At that point, she was taking 5 hours/week of ballet. Last year, her teacher saw potential in my daughter and had her take classes at her original level as well as a few additional ones. She also started her on pointe in the spring of last year.

Here's the issue...she has mixed feelings about her old studio though she liked her teacher from last year. She does, however, like performing in a professional production of the Nutcracker.

At both studios, she would be dancing 7 hours/week in September with an option for a Saturday class/performing group for 3 1/2 hours. The new studio would also offer an elective jazz class. The new studio would have a pointe class starting in Sept while the old studio would start pointe in January.

My DD feels like the old studio favors certain dancers and feels hurt by this. That's why she is open to leaving that studio. By the same token, she is nervous about leaving a studio with a great reputation and going with a teacher she likes (the teacher is a former professional dancer). My daughter is now feeling like maybe the teacher only told her she was talented because she was looking for students for her new studio. Does the reputation of the studio make a difference?

I hope this makes sense. My daughter is having such a difficult time deciding which studio to go with next month. Thanks.

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Hello balletdaughter, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers. :P


I know this is a difficult decision, with a lot of factors involved. You want your child to be happy where she is dancing, and you also want her to receive the best training. Without knowing the teacher and the studio of the second school, it's history and record of training successful dancers, it is hard to compare with a known school. There are certainly very good schools and good teachers not connected to the major schools, and, if you are sure you have found one of those and it makes your child happier, I would say go with it. At only 11 she has time, and if it does not work out well there is no law against returning to the other school.

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-Can you claim "Scheduling problems" and have her take a couple classes from the new studio? That way you aren't burning any bridges, but you can see how the newer place really feels to you after a few months?

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So her current studio said they "did not think my daughter was talented or had potential as a dancer", and she was 9 years old at the time???????????


Geez! They must be the ones with the crystal ball, because unless a child has severe coordination problems, is significantly/dangerously overweight, or causes disciplinary issues in every class, then I would like to know what they were thinking in trying to predict her future at age 9. :wink::)

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I agree Clara. I cannot imagine any teacher making that prediction of a nine year old. My dancers who are pros or in post grad dance were not the best in the class at 9.

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I just wanted to thank all of you (belatedly, I realize) for answering. She didn't finally make a decision until, literally, the afternoon before the first day of class. In the end, she chose her old studio and it's turned out to be a very good decision. She has three different teachers and really is enjoying all of them and is very happy. In the end, she wanted to go where she felt comfortable and, since she had been at that studio since she was three years old, she was comfortable at her old studio. So, anyway, just wanted to give you an update. Thanks again!

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