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College interview after taking class...

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Hi everyone,


I'm planning a trip to visit several colleges, and I was wondering if anyone had tips for this situation. At the first school I'm going to, I am scheduled to take a ballet class before my interview. I will have some time to clean up, but not enough to go back to the hotel. Does anyone have tips for "quick fixes", especially for hair? Mine looks absolutely horrid after being up in a bun, but I don't particularly want to leave it up. I could bring a hair straightener, but then there's the worry of finding an electrical outlet.


Any suggestions would be helpful, and by all means direct me to any threads on this topic that I may have missed.

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I know it's not your first choice...but I would just tidy the bun and leave it up. It's better not to be rushed...interviewers can tell that you're rushed and it may be taken as "disorganized."

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If the college has a well known dance department they will be well prepared for students coming from their interviews straight from dance class. In fact, without apology for your hair, you can work that into your introduction: "thank you for seeing me, I have enjoyed my visit to your campus thus far. The dancers and professors in the dance department were most welcoming in my audition this afternoon."


There will be electrical outlets you can use if that's your first choice of a hair style, but there also might be some other quick updos you can fix with all the clips and things that are on the market to look professional as well.

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When my DD did competitions, with interviews after the talent or class portions, she didn't wear the usual type of bun to class or to do her variation. Rather, she curled her hair, or whatever she wanted to do with it, then very gently gathered it back, arranging it neatly in a clump and then covering it with a hairnet and pinning that in place. That way, when she took off the net, it was already curled and sprayed and good to go. It made kind of a large "bun" under the net, but worked fine for class/dancing.

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Thanks for the suggestions, everyone. I like your idea, dance1soccer1--perhaps I will practice some different "pony tail" styles. My main concern is to not look too severe (or get a headache from too many bobby pins!)

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Don't worry -- my dd just got back from interviewing at several colleges and they were all very understanding and many were rising seniors and therefore students themselves. Just remember the main reason for the interview is for them (and you) to get to know each other and is an opportunity for you to learn more about the school -- not to impress them with how you look. :-)

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Chances are, your reviewer will just be impressed with your dedication to dance! Dedication and passion of any kind are qualities interviewers and admissions officers look for, so I doubt that they'll mind as long as you're not dripping with sweat.

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What about clothes? Do they mind if the dancers just wear their leotards and tights with something over it? Before and after dance class, I generally just wear a knee length skirt and a shirt over my leotard. Would that kind of thing be acceptable at an interveiw, providing, of course, that the skirt and shirt were clean and not too informal?

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Which schools request interviews after the auditions? The websites we have looked at just have an information session with the students and parents after the audition class..

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Even in those dance departments who do not require interviews, potential students will pack interviews for outside scholarships into the visitation time as well.

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Folks: Please DO take off your leo and tights before the interview, unless: (a) they aren't sweaty/smelly - highly unlikely and (:) they don't show under your outfit (for example, under a pantsuit or rolled up enough that they don't stick out under a skirt. You want to look professional for the interview and the 5 minutes it will take to remove them is definitely worth it. For nothing else than your mental "aah, I'm prepared" level when you sit next to the interviewee who has not taken that time and still looks a disheveled mess.


A related tip - more people than you can imagine are sensitive to perfume, particularly sprays. Some dancers have a tendency to drench themselves after class for obvious reasons. Please remember to go light if you're heading into an interview. An interviewer with an incipient migraine does not help your cause! Some people think it helps if you stick to common scents (ha ha, no pun intended, really!) like vanilla or cinamon for women or a fresh swipe of scented deoderant for men.

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Dd also had an interview shortly after ballet class at Barnard, so interested parties may want to add to the list.


dance1soccer1 has good advice about too much scent. However, I have to disagree about the vanilla - in my work I spend alot of time dealing with "smells". Many people have trouble tolerating vanilla - usually it is just too heavy handed, but less is definitely more.

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OK this may seem gross... but... my soccer playing son does it in a pinch... so...


He uses baby wipes to wipe down particularly smelly and dirty areas. Yuck or Yeah- your choice!

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