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This just came to me in an email and I thought that it might appeal to the younger set.

Emma Watson (Hermione from Harry Potter) stars in Ballet Shoes, the heartwarming new film that will make you believe that dreams really do come true.


Now is your chance to see it on the big screen - limited theatrical engagements begin August 26th. It appears to have a sort of "American Girl" movie feel.

A link for a trailer and venues that are showing this film:



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Also, not as good as the original movie "The Fossils".

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There was a previous 'Ballet Shoes' movie made by the BBC. That was made in the 70's. Joanna David had the role her daughter Emilie Fox has now in this new version. I have a copy of the original 'Ballet Shoes' on VHS and have always found it quite charming. Is 'The Fossils' available on DVD, if it's that much better I'd be very interested in acquiring a copy.

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I saw it this past weekend and found it quite peculiar.


It wasn't quite what I had expected it to be given that "ballet shoes" was only like ONE out of the three roles that the girls took.


BUT, on the other hand, it isn't standard Hollywood, and for that, I am grateful. Still, I don't think that it had quite the continunity and that it left things open ended or that rather that the ending was weak, much like its beginning.


If I had to guess, without having read the book, that it probably wouldn't do the book any justice at all.

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I just got my copy of the 1975 BBC Production of 'Ballet Shoes' today and I was like a kid in a candy store- I just adored it! You purchase it on DVD online, so I highly recommend it!

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Purchased the DVD of the new version and watched it with DD...we loved it, but she was disappointed not to see more dancing from Posie (sp?), especially in the scene with the pro ballet, and some follow-up on what her at the end....(I don't want to give it away)! :offtopic:


She wants a sequel. :angry:


Watched the "deleted scenes" and honestly feel that they should have kept a few of them in for clarity of the story.

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