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Problems with extensions and hip?


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I'm very blessed to say that I have very good extensions. My splits to the right, left, and center are all down and now I am working on trying to build strength to get a good develope especially to the side. My right leg can develope to 180 degrees (or around there) but my left leg is a bit lower than that so I'm trying to make sure that I have equal strength/flexibility on each side.

When I develope my left leg, I feel my hip flexors ( :yes: I think that's the right word) "pinching" and it bothers me to no end.

I tried asking my teacher but she could offer me no solution because she also had the same problem when she was a dancer. Is it because I have wrong placement in my hips that it starts hurting??


Also, can I ask about what I can do to get a higher arabesque? Is it a matter of strengthening both your stomach and your back muscles? Are there stretches I can do so that I don't look like a 'table' when I try to get my leg higher than 90 degrees but a 'chair'?


Thank you! (:

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I have a suspicion that your left leg may not be as turned out as your right leg. Now the human body is bilaterally symmetrical, but not 100%; there are slight differences from right to left all over the place. My suggestion is to allow the developpé à la seconde with your left leg to inch forward of straight to the side for now. When it's fully extended, feel like you're pushing it back, but not to the point where the hip starts to lift and break your alignment. After awhile (rather awhile), it'll get as good as it's going to get.

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xschizy, it often takes a lot of time for the strength to catch up with the flexibility. Being able to go all the way down in your splits is one thing, and extending the leg while standing up, maintaining alignment, and using rotation are not quite the same thing. Are you keeping your back leg turned out in your splits? That is a stretch for your arabesque. Also, if you tend to look like a table when you try to lift your leg that would be because you are dropping your back. You should feel like your back is moving forward but UPWARD as you move your body weight forward over the standing leg.


As Mr. Johnson said, the side extensions may need to move slightly forward of a "perfect" side position in order to rotate properly.


I think you are still quite young, so give yourself some time for the strength to develop. Keep working on flexibility, but also work on strengthening the abs. :yes:

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*knock knock*


Moderators, please feel free to remove my post if necessary--I am 17, but I have had a similar experience. (I have been struggling with extensions because of an impingement in my left hip. )


As far as the "pinching" in the hip flexor goes, xshizy, it might be wise to talk to a physical therapist. He/she may be able to tell you what is wrong and, if possible, give you some exercises to correct it.


I hope that this is appropriate (and helpful).

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Cygne, we really don't allow "knock knocks" anymore, however, your suggestion is valid, so I am leaving it. If there is pain when you lift your leg, that would definitely require a visit to the doctor and a prescription for physical therapy.

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