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I was just wondering if there were any major differences between the methods taught from these examining boards.


DD follows ISTD and is due to take her Grade 2 (although is being bumped to be with Grade 3 students). It seemed to take ages for her to get to Grade 1 as there were Pre-Primary exams (one grade exam and one standard exam) then Primary exam (two of those as well) and it seemed to take ages to progress wheras her school friend was boasting at a very young age that she was "Grade 1" in an RAD class. Are the Grades on a similar Level or completely incomparable?


DD also takes a BBO class and is due to take Grade 2 this Xmas although they seem to start from a Grade 1 with no primary grades.


All very confusing!

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I only know a little about RAD.They have to be at least 5 yo to take a graded examination in pre-primary,6yo in primary and 7yo in grade 1.

Except you don't! Sorry, they used to be the rules but not any more, you just need to be the relevant age by the end of the year in which you take the exam! So in theory you could take Pre-Primary at 4 etc.


As far as I'm aware the exam systems, especially at that level are quite similar. I'm not that familiar with ISTD but perhaps you have to start with Pre-Primary and take the exams in order whereas with BBO and RAD you can start at any level. That would seem a little odd though. Maybe it's just your daughter's teacher's way of doing things to ensure a full and thorough education?

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Good morning,


I received the following question from a new member via reported post:



i was wondering what the positions are called for rad and istd port de bras



Perhaps the new poster isn't a parent, therefore not allowed to post on this thread? I don't know. At any rate, if anyone is able to help our new member that would be wonderful!!



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The new poster is a student and hit the wrong button. :) The post never posted!

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My daughter does the ISTD Imperial syllabus. The pre primary Class Examinations can be taken from age 5 ( 4 children together class taken by teacher with examiner marking). The General Graded examinations can be taken from age 6 in the Primary Grade (two children dancing together, some excercises and the dance on their own).


There is a difference between the content in the syllabus between RAD and ISTD Imperial for the same grade number. We like to refer to a lovely RAD book called "Step by Step Ballet Class, An illustrated guide to the official ballet syllabus". It has excellent illustrations and easy to follow descriptions, however we have to flip from grade to grade as the content in the grades is different in RAD and Imperial ISTD as is some of the terminology eg. RAD arms in "5th position" is en-couronne" in ISTD. We have been unable to find a similar book for the ISTD syllabus.


I have no idea which is preferable, they are just different, I myself studied RAD including the majors (as they were called in my day!). For those of you who like to examine the syllabus in detail, here is the link to the ISTD syllabus, I am sure there is a similar link for the RAD, though the second link gives the guidelines on minimum age guidelines. Sorry I can't help with BBO, I did do all my BBO grades in tap, but this is now way out of date! Hope this helps....





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