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The marley at our studio seems to be very slippery. I was wondering is there anything I can do to my ballet soft sole slippers to make them less slippery. I know some dancers put a mixture of coke and water on their shoes but I think that's for wood floors. :D

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Is it a type of marley that you can put rosin on? That's the designated stickum of ballet.

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No where not allowed to put rosin on it. We used to have wood floors that we used rosin but changed to marley because the floor wasn't sticky enough.

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OK, then dust the bottoms of your shoes with powdered rosin. You can do that at home, and it will be enough to last you a couple of classes, then reload the shoes the next time you feel that the slip is coming back.

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Thank you :party: But, is it okay to use rosin if the floor is marley and isn't to be used with rosin? :) Sorry I'm a little confused because my ballet teacher told us that we shouldn't use rosin on the marley.

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Then you need to have a talk with your teacher. Also, scuff up the bottoms of your shoes with a dull knife. You may have floor wax on there without intending to have picked it up.

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I go to two studios and they both have marly floors at one of my studios you are allowed to use rosin but that is because its mainly ballet, and at my other studio which is mainly modern we are not allowed to use rosin.

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