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Auditions for Nutcracker


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I'm new to posting (have been lurking on and learning from this site for a while though!). I hope I have posted this question in the right spot. I could not find specific information relating to this question through a search, so here goes.....


My daughter is thinking of auditioning for a children's role in a professional company's Nutcracker performance. Does anyone know what happens in these types of auditions? I believe the audition is only one hour long. We have been to SI auditions where the audition is run like ballet class, but I'm wondering if auditions for actual roles involve something more. Thank you for any insight!

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Speaking of my own DD's experience with a professional company and thier Nut audition...the kids were grouped by height/size. They were then taught part of the dance they were auditioning for. The professionals were looking at how the kids moved in their respective groups.Sometimes they switched kids around and did the combo again.It was pretty painless...the hard part was waiting for results!

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I suppose it depends on the company. Do you know parents whose children have auditioned before? They might be a good resource. At our professional company's auditions, roles all have height requirements and you can't audition for a role you aren't tall enough for. During the auditions for each role, children are taught a small part of the choreography - usually the most difficult and then evaluated on how well they pick up the choreography, stage presence and technique.



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This is how our auditions are run as well...sounds like a common thread!


Students are grouped by height and taught a piece of the choreography. It is not a very stressful environment. At the end, the students are given a piece of paper with their casting roll/decision, and they have the option of accepting or declining.

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