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Well, ballet classes start soon...

{Polina Fan}

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Ballet classes start next week, and I'm not sure I'm ready to go back.

Physically, yes, I am. I've been taking yoga over the summer and have been doing plenty of at-home exercising (we couldn't afford the summer program.)

But mentally...I am not. This past year was extremely rough for me. I started picking myself apart. I felt uncomfortable in the classroom, and I resulted to extreme measures. I developed some bad habits, and just recently broke them.

I'm afraid to go back. I'm still not comfortable with myself, let alone being in a ballet studio around students who are much better than me. I'm afraid of re-developing the habits I just got over.

Any advice? My parents are pretty much forcing me to do ballet this year...but I just don't feel ready.



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Remember, the only way to keep from making mistakes is to do nothing at all, and that in itself is the biggest mistake you can make. So you don't want to redevelop bad habits? You know what they are, now don't do them! Anywhere any dancer goes, there'll always be somebody who can do something better. Look at them and learn from what they do. You should be looking forward eagerly to getting back into class; try it just until January, and see if you feel any different then. If you're still uncomfortable going to class, then talk to your parents about a change.

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