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Im 15 and have been doing ballet for nearly a year now.

I live in a very small town in Wales.

I have progressed loads and have progressed alot on pointe also.

The trouble is I have private lessons 2 hours a week thats all!

All the schools in my area only do one ballet class per week for an hour, an hour and a half at the most.

I want to get more ballet training but dont know what to do.


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Butterflyprincess, you are in a difficult situation. :thumbsup: First, are you doing two one hour privates, or one two hour private? If you have two, meaning two days, then you take the class that is offered that would be three days. Then, maybe you could take a class or two at other studios? I really wish I could have better answers, but it just doesn't look like there is much choice there. Is there any way you can travel, by bus, car, train, or whatever will get you to another town, or preferably a city?

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I already travel 20 miles to get to my private lesson its also very expensive :thumbsup: I do one 2 hour lesson.

I know this isnt enough it really stresses me.

Im going to have to find a way to join more classes at different studios, Im going to try to talk to my teacher about it,


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