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heyy every one!

Well, I have a friend and she already got her pointe shoes! I don't have my pointe shoes yet but she goes to Orlando Ballet and so do I... What I don't understand is I am doing intense training and she has only done classes for 2 weeks and I have done mine for a month... :thumbsup: She has never had any training like me... I wish I knew why this is.... What do you think? She is only 10 and so am I...

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Sorry, balletbaby. :thumbsup:


In registering, I bet that you blew right by that sentence about having to be at least 13 to be able to have posting privileges here. I don't have any other choice but to suspend your posting privileges.


In the interim, I cannot help wondering why, if you are both attending the school of the Orlando Ballet, anyone there with less than three years' study would be put on pointe. I suspect that there's more to this story than you've told us, but we can address it when you're 13!

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