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Adult Ballet Classes - Texas


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DD is looking for high quality adult ballet classes in Fort Worth. TBT does not seem to have adult classes on this year's schedule. Because DD is a college student, she is looking for late afternoon, early evening classes.


All we've found so far is the Ballet Center of Fort Worth. Seems ok, anyone have any experience with them?

They only have 2 classes a week which fit into her schedule and she'd prefer 3.


Anything else? Thanks.

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Hi Taradriver - it's me oyoyoyoyoy!


If you are looking at the evening classes taught by Enrica,I would recommend them. Enrica just retired from TBT, but had also been a principal dancer in Korea. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience. Tell your daughter to introduce herself and give a brief description of her background to Enrica so that Enrica will know what her level is. I think she will like Enrica and the classes.

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I recommend Ballet Center also. Enrica and Chung-Lin are amazing. Some college students also take the Advanced Level class, so you could ask Enrica about that if she is at an Advanced level.

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Thank you very much! I had some PM responses as well and everything I have heard about BCFW is very positive.



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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, Cameo!! :)


Please introduce yourself over in the Welcome Forum, and check out all the threads we have for parents!!


Happy reading and we look forward to you joining in!! :wink:

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