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Lovethefinearts, tell your daughter congrats! If you have any questions between now and the fall my dd and I would be glad to answer them!

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Hello. I would be interested in hearing what companies ballet majors have gone on to after graduating? Thanks! :)

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Lovethefinearts: Congratulations! I'm a current student at Belhaven, so I'm sure I'll be meeting your daughter next year :) If you have anymore questions, after two year I'll probably be able to answer them :)


ProsperBarb: Belhaven doesn't have specific "ballet majors". You can choose to be a ballet emphasis though you still always have to take modern. Belhaven is an excellent school, but does strongly emphasize modern, contemporary, and choreography. Choreographic works in concerts are often modern or contemporary focused as well, though there is always something more ballet-based. Some companies dancers have gotten into recently include Dance Ad Deum, Paul Taylor II, Dramatic Truth Ballet, Ekklesia Contemporary Ballet, and various other companies that I can't think of off the top of my head. To put it bluntly, people aren't getting into (or even auditioning for) big companies like Joffrey or NYCB. Most Belhaven dancers aim for religious-based companies and ministries and often smaller regional companies and modern and contemporary companies.

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Oh, and note to the moderator: Can you change the title of this thread to Belhaven University, instead of college? It changed a few years ago :)

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Done, Dancergirlmelody. Thank you for letting us know. :)

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Does anyone have information on the level and caliber of classical ballet courses and if there is pas de deux and variations?

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Hi - I'm interested to know if anyone here will be auditioning at Belhaven this fall. We are from the northeast, so it's a shock to a lot of our acquaintances that she is considering a school in the deep south. But in a lot of ways, it sounds like a good fit for her. We'll see.


Does anyone have any current feedback about the level of ballet in the department? I've seen comments on a couple boards that mention that the ballet program there is "developing". I'd be interested to hear feedback from anyone who's a current student, especially with a ballet emphasis.



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Petunia Marie


I'd be interested to know how your daughter came across Belhaven? What attracted her to it? My daughter is working to get everything together to apply by early October. She has done very little auditioning. Hopefully this will not be too stressful an audition.


May I ask what are your daughters career goals? My daughter has studied ballet for years, and has been an preprofessional program in a local studio for 5. But she always insisted that she wasn't "good enough" to do anything with it professionally. I think lack of confidence is big factor for her. The atmosphere of this school appealed to her. I'm a little unsure about the Jackson area, and she's not sure she wants to go that far.

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Hi dancemomLAS, we came across Belhaven through prayer and research. We like that it is a Christian college at a low price with a good reputation for classical ballet. My daughter hopes to be a professional ballet dancer. She is currently at BBS in Advanced 1. Where are you in relation to Boston? We are 20 miles north. My daughter has some struggles with confidence due to back injuries but has experience with auditions through auditioning for summer intensives. She is auditioning for Belhaven on November 14, do you know when your DD is auditioning?

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We are also interested in auditioning. My daughter is an apprentice at a local ballet studio in California. We can't do the November audition due to Nutcracker contract. Looks like we are all looking a ways from home. Can't wait to hear about your thoughts on the audition.

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Just a little info for those auditioning this fall and spring. My daughter is starting her 2nd year as BFA dance major at Belhaven. There appears to be more prospective students that audition in the spring than the fall. My daughter auditioned in the fall and it was her first college audition. She was a little unsure about what to expect, but she came away feeling very positive and actually said she enjoyed the audition. She has loved her experience at Belhaven, and was given the freshman award for outstanding dance student last year. This was a confirmation to her that she is exactly where she needs to be.

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Hi Petunia Marie and lovethefinearts


Our concerns are the same as yours. Ballet is a difficult activity and it would be so nice for the dancers to find a positive atmosphere. We are concerned about the Jackson area also, and my daughter isn't sure she wants to go far from her California home. From the correspondence I have had with the school I believe it is possible to double major(not sure how stressful that would be) with dance, however double majoring with Sports Medicine would be extremely difficult I understand from the information I received. Excited to see what you think of the audition, I know the video on their website about the dance program makes it seem so nurturing.

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