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My daughter is working toward a minor in English. She is also a musician, and is finding the time for private lessons and recitals, jazz combos and plays in a church worship band. She came in with 32 hours of AP credit, but with her music activities, found it impossible to go for a double major. She has had to miss a band concert because of dance performances. It would be easier to double major if the student is a BA in dance rather than a BFA. That is a decision that the faculty makes after the first year for those that apply to the BFA program.


As far as Jackson goes, the University is in a nice part of town. The Belhaven neighborhood has been selected as one of the best neighborhoods in the nation. Yes, it seems to be a very nurturing atmosphere.

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petunia marie,

We are in northern NJ, my daughter is hoping to audition in November as well. She's not sure of her long term goals, she loves to dance, but also likes photography and multimedia. If everything falls into place for the audition, I'll post here.

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Thanks for the insight - very encouraging to hear.

Has she been part off the partnering or variation classes? There are very few boys in my D's school, and none right now in the senior level. So she's had almost no partnering opportunities. It would be great to remedy that.

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Thanks for that feedback. Good to know. It looks like we'll be planning a trip for November.

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OK - my dd has got her dance application in, we will be traveling to Jackson in November, doing an "Arts Discovery Day" on the Friday, and audition on Saturday. She has done very few auditions, so is a little nervous. We'll report after the visit.

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The partnering classes are in level 3 ballet and modern, so my daughter hasn't been in those levels yet.

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My daughter is hoping to attend an audition early 2016, she was unable to attend last weekend due to Nutcracker contract. Does anyone who visited have any information about the dance department at Belhaven? I have also heard the school is not in the best area, wondering if anyone can speak to that.

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dstacy, my daughter and I went to the November 14 audition. As far as the area goes, I really dont know what people were talking about when they say its in a bad area. It's a beautiful campus, small, but with lots of greenery and a pond. There was music playing and people outside playing sports etc. Our hotel was an 11 minute drive away, and we passed nice houses and a large museum of natural history. When we got on the highway, it was a typical highway with lots of chain restaurants. Maybe if we went in another direction I would have seen something, but from what I saw it looked a lot nicer than most areas Ive seen. We never did make it into the city of Jackson. We stayed in Flowood.

The dance department and the other students could not have been nicer. It was a culture shock for us as we are from Mass, and the reputation we have for unfriendliness is pretty much true! The audition was not very difficult. My daughter said there were no pirouettes on point, which she was glad, because she is still recovering from a concussion that she got on a ride at six flags. ( the mind eraser) buyer beware!

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My daughter also went to the November 14 audition, and the fall dance concert. We got to observe several classes the day before. Since most of the dance majors were performing in the show that night, the classes we watched were mostly the dance minors. In the ballet class there were several very nice dancers, most did not look that advanced. The girls in the point class were mostly quite good. The teacher for modern was a very good teacher. She didn't just mark, she danced. Someone told me it was Limone (sp) technique.

The audition, my daughter felt the ballet and pointe were fairly easy. She doesn't take as much modern, and had a harder time with a couple of the longer combinations.

The fall dance concert was one classical piece, the rest modern. We were a little disappointed watching the classical piece. We thought the soloists were struggling a bit. The corps looking pleasing. The dancing in the modern pieces was mostly strong. But acouple of the pieces, I just did not "get" the concept.

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Thank you all so much for the information, it is appreciated! My daughter applied, though she is not fond of modern I think she will audition for the dance program.

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Just a little back story about the classical piece at the fall concert. The male soloist seriously injured his leg during the week between performance weekends and someone else filled in and some choreography was changed at the last minute. This might explain why you thought the soloists were weak.

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Oh no!! that must have been so difficult. Hope he has a quick recovery. A reminder to me that it's good to know the whole story.

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I just graduated from Belhaven with a BFA in dance, so if anyone has any questions I'm more than happy to answer them! The dance program is really excellent and the the atmosphere is wonderful. I highly recommend Belhaven for anyone who wants a well-rounded program, not only do you get plenty of ballet and modern, but the opportunity to take many related classes such as dance history, kinesiology, choreography, teaching methods, dance for camera, or others. PM me if you have any questions!

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Dancergirlmelody, congratulations on your milestone! Best wishes for your future.


Thank you for your generous offer to answer questions regarding the program. We do hope folks will ask questions here on the thread, rather through back channels such as PMs, so that all members interested in Belhaven will have benefit of the questions, answers, and information. :thumbsup:

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