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Give them a call and ask! I graduated from there and it's a great school, they would be happy to help you :)

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I really love what I have read about this program.  Are there any transfer students (women) in the BFA program?  Also, can anyone comment on how difficult it would be to attend if you were not Protestant? 

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epicurious1, At Belhaven, all professors teach form a distinctly Christian worldview and all topics are covered with a Christian worldview in mind. If that is not your particular view, then it may be an issue but there is no distinct denomination on the campus. The professors and instructors have different backgrounds and attend different churches. Not sure if that is what you were looking for, but hope that helps! All the instructors that I have interacted with and my kids have had were absolutely amazing and my D's loved them!

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Thank you NavigatingMom!  Do you have a child who attends the university in dance?  If so, do you know if they ever have any female transfers at the junior level?  Also, is there any Catholic presence at all on campus (or if it is welcomed)? I can't find anything except about the required chapel service. 

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Not related to the dance program, but I know a Jewish girl who went there for university and seemed to have a good experience.

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We know a Catholic family with a daughter at Belhaven who seems to be enjoying it. I will say that they are a pretty conservative family, and I don't know if that is why they sought it out.


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epicurious1,  I have 2 dancers and we have homeschooled so they both did dual enrollment through Belhaven and loved the instructors and classes. I have one competitive/commercial dancer (not a fit for Belhaven) and the other is a High School senior ballerina who is just going through the process of auditioning and deciding where she will go next year. Both of my girls know many dancers who are now or have been at Belhaven through summer intensives and all of those who are there truly love it. I definitely suggest you reach out to them at the school and I am sure you can get in touch with current students who would be glad to share their experience! As far as being a Catholic, because that is also a Christian worldview it should not do anything but reinforce your current beliefs. In that area of the south you should easily be able to find a church and mass very close by as well. Best of luck to you!

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I graduated from Belhaven! I don't think I personally knew any Catholics (at least in the dance program), but they would certainly be welcomed! Everything is definitely taught from the Christian worldview, but I knew several dancers and students who were not believers at all and they still had very positive experiences. Faith is definitely talked about a lot, but no one would ever be forceful or intentionally rude about different faiths. Transfers at the junior level are rather uncommon, just because the dance program is so rigorous it can be difficult to get enough credits in only two years. However, I also know that since I graduated in 2016 they have been re-structuring a few different things in order to make things like transfers a bit easier. I would definitely suggest calling and asking or going to an audition to get more information! If you have any other specific questions about the school, I'd love to answer them!

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