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September Champers....


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Haha.. welcome back Ami!


Is this the champagne lounge? In which case:

Ballet Austin is on break this week, so I went to another smaller studio.. took an int/adv class, and I easily hang in that class. Woo!


Also it reminded me to be grateful for BA's new facility which is large and nice and have live pianists and proper AC. :shrug:

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Great news, Ami!!!


And Ripresa, was that Tapestry you went to? The month I was on a research fellowship at UT Austin, I went to class there (I actually preferred it to BA for some reason I can't quite work out), and I loved their classes. but it was 3 years ago ...

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I return to class next week. I did a little research and found that Kennebec Dance Centre which is only 20 miles away has two adult classes a week, a beginner class and and advanced class. I'm going to do the advanced class. It will be better than driving to Portland Ballet, about 75 miles away. I had my first jazz class of the new school year last night.

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Well, now I've been to the barre two nights in a row.... Such a bad habit... ;) :P:)

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No it wasn't Tapestry, I actually used to go to Tapestry (took classes with Renata) but then they moved way to South Austin.. to a bigger and better facility which was too far for me.. so I haven't been.


I'll PM you the actual studio I went to.

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Hah! Tonight was a momentous event for me, I finally took Ballet Austin's Advanced open class.

So far I've been taking mostly intermediate or lower classes.. but after going to Richmond, I finally had a goal for my ballet. And I realized that I've been really comfortable in most of my classes at BA. I like to take barre at the front, or lead combinations in center.. and I rarely feel afraid or uncomfortable until Richmond. Now I realize it's so easy to get complacent in a class that you've been taking for a while, especially once the teacher's combinations become familiar.


So I've decided to push myself from lower intermediate, to upper intermediate.. which means taking advanced level classes that are too hard for me.


It's been so long ago since my early ballet classes where I was confused on how to do a tombe, glissade, pas de bourree.. I vaguely remember the panic. But yes, now the panic is back!! :(

And I just did barre tonight, because I was so afraid, and I worked really really really hard.. got a bunch of corrections, one of which: "You look too comfortable in your cambres, you need to push just a little more."

I'm getting several "you're too comfortable" corrections lately =P I guess Ballet isn't about being comfy!

I did get one "good" praise. Yeah, I treasure compliments from teachers I'm afraid of :D


So I worked really hard today in my tendus, placement, everything.. I was sweating so much. And then I ran away after barre. But I'm hoping to take this class once a week, while sticking with my easier classes the rest of the time. But I had so much fun, even though it was scary.



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I'm out of town and took Intermediate class at Maryland youth Ballet. Class was free for a first timer! Accompanist was amazing. FOUR CLEAN PIROUETTES LEFT AND RIGHT. Free parking.


Made up for the crummy day at work.

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So tonight was my first ballet class since I returned from Richmond. Its on the schedule as an advanced class but after being there for the first time, I felt comfortable and in the right place. I don't feel its too much for me. There were only 6 of us, and I was the only guy, but thats to be expected. The only thing wrong is that my left knee started bothering me this afternoon. I feel pain on the front and top of my knee when I plie, a little more when I do a grand plie. Its like the same pain I felt the first day or two i was in Richmond, only a little more this time. However, it doesn't hurt as much right now.

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I haven't been able to get back yet, too much sewing work and a painful bunion kept me at home unfortunately. (I've made about 20 costumes in the last weeks).


I've actually decided to not only try to go to Brussels at least once a week for ballet (I'm figuring one very good class is much better then several bad ones), I will be taking a jazz class here in Antwerp. Technique will come in ballet, more then enough for the average musical, but I miss the explosive power some dancers have. This class should teach me a bit of that. (And it's 10 minutes away from home.) Too bad I have to miss the first class, I have theatre tickets. Friday is sort of an inconvenient night, but oh well.

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Well it's official - I'm a full time dance student.

I had my first dance class today at my course at Laban. I'm so exited I was so worried about making a fool of myself.

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Congrats Trying to Improve! Having seen you, I'm sure you had NOTHING to worry about! :-) What course are you doing???? So exciting! :innocent:

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My first class tonight in several weeks :) . Had a good class in spite of being out of shape, and even did some double pique turns! Really liked the teacher, too. So glad I found a good studio in my new area; only bad thing is the floor is not conducive to pointe (its slippery & has seams).

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