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September Whine....?


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It's a bit more than a "tweak". Went to the chiro today, marked in rehearsal tonight, and am doing a heating pad and taking Naproxen.


I'm pretty sure my SI joint slipped and I pulled my piriformis. It's very tender and my right leg hurts to turn out:(

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Add me to the list of (not quite) walking wounded. I landed a turn last night and heard a loud "crack" in my right heel. Hobbled out of class & iced it with my leg in the air. But it's now hot & painul -- well, maybe 2.5 to 3 on a scale of 10. But it hurts to bear my weight. Ho hum.


I have improvised a walking frame from a clothes drying rack. I have a doctor's appointment in a couple o hours. I walk a lot (don't drive) and so getting around is going to be a pain! Just call me a little old lady!

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Lampwick, I feel your pain! I've been dealing with a chronically cranky sacroiliac for about 2 years myself :( I overdid it in a paricularly rigorous modern class last saturday (which followed a ballet class), and ended up having horrible pain that night. Luckily, while the Flector strips the podiatrist gave me for my hallux limitus don't seem to do too much for my foot pain, they feel lovely on my back! :thumbsup:


Have you tried alternating ice and heat, rather than just using heat? A few years ago my physical therapist recomended a trick that has gotten me through some nasty sacroliac flare-ups -- I lie down on the floor with my knees bent/feet on the floor and put a bag of frozen peas directly under my sacrum. I use the ice for 6-10 minutes. Then I switch to a warm heating pad (again, lying on top of it) for 15-25 minutes, then the ice again at the end for another 6-10 minutes. Alternating the ice and heat can get the juices flowing, as it were, just enough to loosen any spasmy bits that might be holding things out of alignment. Lying on top of the ice/heat source with knees bent (you can even prop your lower legs up on a chair or pillow) is key, since it maximizes the contact with the cold/heat and provides a bit of pressure. I usually find that one cycle of ice-heat-ice is enough to take the edge off (a glass of wine along with it works nicely too! :yucky: ), but if you're having a particularly nasty episode, you may need to repeat it a few times per day.

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Yes, a teacher of mine recommended that tonight after class, and I am doing the alternating of ice and heat:)


Yesterday I saw the chiro, marked rehearsal, and got takeout instead of cooking dinner, cleaning up, etc...It felt better today, though class this evening was a bit bad.


I have tech rehearsal tonight at 11PM. YUCK!!! I'm loading up on coffee right now. The end of the dance has all of us going off in chaotic directions. I think I can do my big arabesques on the "good" leg and no one will even notice I'm on a different leg. I'm going to give that a shot and see if the choreographer notices and/or minds.


The only other trouble spot will be some partnering, but we'll see how it goes...

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Tech was eventful.


We have a live guitarist onstage who composed the music. The dude tried to walk around the theatre in the dark right before we were going to start. We all heard a loud crash, the lights came up, and the dude was standing there stunned, holding his guitar, which was is two pieces. LOL.


Aren't you supposed to smash the guitar AFTER playing?


He was fine, but didn't get to rehearse:(


After the run, our lead dancer discovered her car was locked in the lot, which apparently the parks department runs. She was upset, and I had to make about seven phone calls to sort it out.


Now I'm home, started on some wine, and an ice pack. Off to bed soon.


I love theatre so much:)

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An 11 PM CALL? Sheesh! And how did the guitar break to begin with? What randomness.... I hope YOU are feeling better though!

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Just a quick update! I went to the old studio last night and WOW. I am switching back October 13th!!

Wish it was sooner!!!


That sounded like the better option when I read your original post - glad you've come to a decision. :cool2:

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M whine for the month is that I miss ballet. I have moved to another country and there is no ballet here. I've been taking some other dance classes, but while I do enjoy them, they're not quite the same. To top it off, because it is Ramadan right now, even these dance classes are not happening as regularly. One day, I'll get back to a ballet class again.

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Swiss Chard, which country are you talking about? If it is Turkey I can help you find ballet classes (they are not effected by Ramadan here anyways)But I understand how you feel... I moved to France last year and I could not take ballet there, instead I took Stretching which helped me a lot. I'm not sure if I still have my endurance though... =(

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I moved to Mali. There is lots of dancing, but no ballet. But I've been taking an African dance class. It's definitely good for the endurance. And it's fun too, but it's just not ballet.

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Swiss Chard,


In West Africa it can even be hard to find dance classes at all, so I'm glad you found something! And yes, a lot of activities will be curtailed during Ramadan. I'm assuming you speak French?


I'm also hoping you have some contacts there? Where are you? Feel free to PM me if you wish.


I'm a bit jealous -- I'm missing my own research sites! :yes:

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while the Flector strips the podiatrist gave me for my hallux limitus don't seem to do too much for my foot pain, they feel lovely on my back! :D


Have you tried alternating ice and heat, rather than just using heat? A few years ago my physical therapist recomended a trick that has gotten me through some nasty sacroliac flare-ups --


Me too and Me too.


I have those Flector patches too and most recently they were for my feet. I really hadn't heard of anyone else who was using them. I find I have to be pretty regular about using them (every night) or they do nothing for the plantar fascitis, but I can do that. One can use them around the clock on other parts and they do better, but they would hardly stay on the soles of the feet during the day.

I really was unhappy when I found they give me a rash if I try to use them on my lower back. Adhesive issues.... I stick to the ice and heat. I guess my feet are too tough to be affected.


I am feeling the pain of reducing the number of classes I am taking after enjoying the daily classes at camp too. I am down to 1.5 per week or 6 per month until November for purely financial reasons. My husband traded in his motorcycle for a pair of Vespa scooters last month in order to save some cash. he has been riding his to work for a while now, but I don't even have mine form the dealer yet. I only got my learners permit last week, so I guess I shouldn't complain too much. It should be equipt with the cargo thing we are waiting for and ready to deliver soon. My husband is getting 70 miles to the gallon.

I hope to get back to 3 classes per week after that because my back is already complaining for the lack of continuing exercise. All I have is my seniors stuff at the YMCA. I won't be able to continue any pointework for a while with the reduced schedule either. It is a bit demoralizing after such a high from camp. I fear my added muscle tone will disappear too.

I am going to go ahead with the Rhizotomy the Dr. spoke to me about in the summer on Tuesday. It is supposed to be worth a year of pain relief. I have been used to having back pain for years, and taking class usually makes it feel better. The pain I really need them to get rid of is the referred pain to the hip that makes me think I have a pulled, torn or piriformis tendinitis and maybe a hip flexor too.

I wanted to delay it into the fall as long as I could so I wouldn't have it wearing off when it was time for camp next year, but as I have my adult niece staying with me now, and job hunting, I thought I'd take advantage of the sober ride to and from the Dr. while I have her.

Otherwise, I am dealing without twice a month massages, but I recruited my husband to fill in for a few minutes today. It is not the same but it is better than nothing. At least I had them when I really had to at camp.

Once I have the procedure on my back I am going to get scheduling some new dance activities, just to be staying active. There is a new class at the YMCA called Zumba. The sign says it is Latin and dancey and a good workout.

It just needs to be in town, cheap, and fun for now.

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