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Can Pilates Help This?


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Not sure of the best place to post this question - feel free to move...


I was thinking about contacting our local Y to see if any of their pilates instructors could do a few privates with my daughter to help her with lower back flexibility. Whenever she does any kind of forward reaching stretch, she has a noticable roundness in her lower back. I was wondering if they could help something like that. Anyone know if that is area that could be helped through pilates?

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I'm no expert, but I have posted several times about my dd's experience with back pain. Since you haven't gotten any replies in a day, I'll contribute my 2 cents. Given that most SI's and many pre-pro programs offer pilates, it certainly won't hurt. My dd saw a physical therapist to help with her back pain and almost all the exercises he gave her were pilates type---a chiropractor also recommended pilates for her. She had very tight hip flexors, but very flexible everything else, so that the tight hip flexors tipped her pelvis forward, and she ended up with an exagerated "lordotic curve" and her belly protruding---not sure if that is the "lower back roundness" you are referring too. Since pilates strengthens the core, I can't see where it would hurt, as long as she isn't injured at present.

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I think that pilates has really helped my dd with her dancing. It has improved her core, turnout and over all strength. My dd actually takes semi-privates with reformers, so my dd works on things that will specifically help her. Her instructor was a professional dancer and so knows what my dd needs to do to improve. My dd hasn't had back pain, but has a flexible back and has been working on her posture which has greatly improved.


I would look for a pilates instructor with a dance background if you are going to do private lessons. There are lots of things my dd does that will specifially help her dancing. My dd's pilates instructor works with many professional dancers, and has helped with dancers that experience back pain, so I think it would help. But private pilates instruction can be expensive, so I would want to make sure the instructor really had a strong pilates background, and experience with dancers.

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Ceecee, I just read through the other thread, and it appears I was sending this thread on the same one that that thread was going until you straightened them out! (no pun intended)---it does sound as though Violin4me's dd has the same issues as you do, now that I re-read her post.

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