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Royal Conservatory in Hague, Netherlands

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This is not, a conservatory like a university even though it offers a BA program for dancers, it is a pre-pro school, i just wanted to state that..


Has anyone been to this school? Or know of anyone attending/attended this school? I have been to their website but it does not offer much info.

also does anyone have info. or biographies of the teachers who teach there??



thank you!!!

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I'm from the Netherlands and I have a friend that graduated there last year. I don't know what kind of information you would like to have, but please tell me and I can e-mail this friend for information and can post it here again.



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Skip, how nice to see you again! It's been a long time, and we missed you. :devil: How is the nursing going? Are you still dancing too?

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Yes, hello Skip!


I visited this school almost 15 years ago, therefore my information is not up to date. I can say however, the facilities were quite nice.

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Ms. Leigh, Ms. Scheider, what a nice responses :devil:!


Everything is ok here. Still checking BT4D every day, but not replying often mostly because there are quite a few topics that I feel replying to!


Nursing is going well. I have just started my last year last Monday. So, if everything goes well, I should graduate next year September (2009).


I'm also still taking balletclasses. Not as often as I would like to (only once a week, a class of 2 hours), but I also keep going with other sports (rowing, pilates / small ball pilates).


Ms. Schneider, the facilities are indeed quite nice. The building looks quite old and massive on the outside (just like a block with some windows), but the facilities inside are great. I have been there a few times and try to go to the end of year performance every year, which is a great oppurtunity to see all of the students dance (also the youngest students).



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Thank you for replying!

I know that this is an art school, not just for ballet so I was wondering how well the ballet dancers were trained and what kind of method of style they were using.

On the website it said that they were associated Netherlands Dans Theater and Het Nationale Ballet. I was wondering what kind of stuff the school do with the associated companies and if a lot of the ballet dancers from the school gets accepted into those companies.

Also when i looked at the school's calendar, to see when it opens and closes, it literally had when school and open and close on each day,,, I was looking for breaks and vacation times,, so I was wondering where the international students stayed,, is there like a homestay program?

And do the school allow drop-in auditions???


Thank you so much!!!!!!!

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Hi Krkimkrkr,


I will forward your questions to my friend.

Besides, I can answer a few questions myself.


Breaks and vacation times do change every year. These are set by the Dutch government, although schools can shift a little in this. Best is to e-mail the school and ask for information.


I know that if you're in contact with the school and arrange things, you can have drop in with a class and they'll observe you wether you would be suitable or not. Also, for this I advise: contact the school.


As soon as I have an answer from this friend, I will put it on here. He's now based in London and I don't know how busy he is, so I don't know when I'll receive an answer.


Maybe knowing your age is also important, I don't know if you want to state it here, otherwise pm me when you have the privilege. I'm pretty sure that the school has a set maximum age, but I'm not sure.



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I have received an answer from my friend:


- The balletstyle taught at the school is a mix of russian and french.

- association with Nederlands Dans Theater: the upperschool can join in in classes and he thinks that there is one trainee-spot available as well since this year.

- association with Het Nationale Ballet: the youngest students sometimes participate in Sleeping Beauty. Upperschool can join in in saturdayclasses, there are traineeships and sometimes in specific productions.

- Getting into the company is based on your talent and physical.

- Holidays, as I said, are arranged by Dutch government

- Housing: Foreign students have to get a rented room/appartment/etc, no specific dorm next to the schoolbuilding or boarding.

- For auditioning: contact the school. There are no problems whatsoever with private auditions.


I hope this gives you an idea. If you have any more questions, please ask them and I will see if I can answer them myself or forward them to my friend.





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I know an American high school student who was accepted to the school by video audition during her senior year. She also was accepted to several other well known European ballet company schools via video audition that same year. While she was very impressed with the school's training in Hague she decided to attend another well known European company school which offered her a generous scholarship opportunity and also provided dormitory housing at a substantial reduced cost. She is now a member of a large regional ballet company in the United States.

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Am I allowed to reply here? I auditioned there many many year ago, but did not go there, one of my friends did go, and graduated there. It is one of the 2 pre-professional schools in the Netherlands, the other one is the 'Nationale balletacademie'in Amsterdam. The link for that school is

http://www.ahk.nl/ahk/opleidingen/dans.shtml (their site is in English as well)

They also work close with The National Ballet (with the advantage of being in the same city!). Both schools have a very good reputation. If you have any further questions maybe I can help.

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does anyone have any information on this program in the last few years?  My 15 year old daughter is interested in auditioning for the year round program.  


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