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Starting cechetti grade 6, HELP!

Rose Allegro

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I have been dancing since i was 16, I am 18 now.

I started in grade 4 and and over the past 2 and a half years I have moved up into grade 6.

Seeing as I have started very late all the other girls in my school have been dancing since they were about 3 or 4 years old. I have decided that this term I am going to really work the hardest that I have yet as I don't want to be thought of as the "new girl" anymore.


I just wanted some general info into the difficulty of the grade, do you begin doing double and triple pirrouettes or any other combinations or leaps that could be described as advanced.

As I understand that this is the last recreational grade before the vocational grades.


Also do you wear demi pointes in the exam?


Thanks :(

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Knock knock


Mods, please can I post this? (I tried to PM her but I wasn't allowed).


The answer to your questions is: No double pirouettes, let alone triple (which you don't even have to think about 'til Advanced 1 at least!!!!!), & no you aren't allowed to wear demi-pointes.


You may well start on pre-pointe or pointe in your classes, but it is not part of the exam.


The first exam with (very very basic) pointe in is Inter Foundation.


The hardest thing in Grade 6 is probably the centre & adages: the grand rond de jambe en l'air & the attitudes are pretty horrible, and perhaps the batterie if that is something you have a problem with.


As you say, it is still a "recreational" grade, so you are worrying needlessly, I promise you!

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Thank you Jane for your reply.

I had my first class today and it was absolutely fine and very fun.

Like you said I was definitely worrying needlessy!

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