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:clover::shrug::flowers: I have recently been thinking about the fact that I have not seen flowers presented to Dancers on stage, or come to that on DVD's at the end of performances. I cannot help but wonder why? Is it the policy of the management, or simply the audience or people do not send them in.


This is such a pity, as it is a way that one's appreciation can be shown to your favourite Dancer when you have enjoyed a performance. It can also be a gesture from family, friends, husbands, dance and life partners. Margot Fonteyn used to receive Red Roses from her husband Tito, To which there is another story, that I cannot go into here.


At the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, and on tour, flowers would arrive regularly, sometimes if the person was over whelmed with too many, they would share them out to other people, even the staff were included. Some were left in the dressing room, with quite often a couple of bouquet's taken home.


There is also a lovely custom, when single flowers are thrown down from The Amphitheatre, these are donated by the audience up there, and two attendants stand right up high, and throw the blooms to land on the Apron in front of the curtain, for the dancers to pick up.


I can remember an episode after a special Royal Gala, that had been attended by The Queen and The Shah of Persia, the grand tier was decorated with a beautiful display of fresh flowers, all over the front of the balcony, as well as in the Royal Box. The following day we were allowed to go and look at the display, before it was removed. A friend and I from the wardrobe, had gone to look, we were in the vicinity of The Royal Box, and commented how lovely it all was, when a voice from behind us " agreed with us, and told us she always liked to return and see for herself in more detail" We turned round to see a small lady with greying hair, just standing there observing the scene. We answered her questions aboiut what we did there, and said goodbye as we left. We realised shortly after we had been talking to The Queen Mother.

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I have no idea about the flowers, but your story about the Queen Mother was lovely!! :blushing:

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In the Royal Ballet's Coppelia DVD the dancers are literally being pelted with flowers when they take their curtain calls! :)

Hi thank you for the confirmation of what I told you, the throwing of flowers is a lovely gesture.

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