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Tights Belt Thing Help(NOT dancebelt)


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So I've recently started getting back into ballet(tomorrow is going to be my first class in 5 years) after my choice at a younger age to go to college instead of academy it feels nice to finally be going to class again. So I go to the store to buy myself a new set of dance equipment.. I get all the essentials and a VERY nice shirt, and then I buy tights and realize there was one other thing I used to use during class to prevent my tights from slipping.


Ok to describe this it's basically a latex belt i'd put around the tights and the roll the top of the tights down to my waist w/ it... but what are these belts called? where can I get one? The old dance store I used to use when I was dancing no longer carries any mens equipment and the new one I found has no idea what i'm talking about. :flowers:



help plzz :clover:



Thank you again,


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I don't know if this is any help, but I use a baseball uniform belt - at least it's stretchy and not too thick. And baseball gear is easier to find than dancewear for men! I have heard of what you are describing but never found anything like it.

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And I used to wear a plain old web military belt with a friction clasp. Worked fine.

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You can make one yourself:


go to a fabric shop and buy a plastic belt clasp.


Buy a yard (or less) of stretch non-roll elastic (it has ribs)


sew it up


I also buy stretch belts (surcingle? style) at thrift shops. THe sweat wears them out in q few months.

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Just buy a half inch width piece of elastic from the dance store and sew the ends together, works like a charm. Of course, I've recently discovered the magic of sewing elastic suspenders onto my tights, and I prefer that by a long shot...needs almost no compulsive in-class adjusting and keeps the tights pulled and up and, well, tight.

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I just found something that works PERFECTLY for me and you can find them at any CVS/Walmart/Publix/Target etc. They are a brand of hair ties by Scunci. They are very thin so they wont get in your way and are made from a very durable quality that seems to never stretch out. But at $6/pack (each pack has about 4-5) you can't really loose.

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