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Where to go with Adult Ballet?


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I was writing a response to the "Adult Beginner - Exams????" thread but the response was getting too long and off topic :flowers:


But I think the root of it is trying to figure out what options do adult ballet students have? Or better yet, what opportunities can we create for ourselves?


I was sort of going along with the flow, until the Richmond Intensive which gave me some goals technically, but also sort of brought some dreams into life (like teaching, or owning a studio, or joining a community dance troupe).


Just the question of exams for example, I wish there were exams for me to take so I know where I am, and what training I'm lacking. Instead of the vague term "intermediate" which could mean anything. I am vaguely aware of RAD and Chechetti, but don't really know where or how to take them, and even if I find a school, I doubt they will expect adults.


Then there is pedagogy, since there is no age limit on teachers.

I'm toying with the idea of taking the Introductory Teacher workshop at ABT in October, it's just 2 days. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem more info on the web, but I did leave a voicemail.


I am interested in adult teaching... last Sunday, Ballet Austin had a "day of dance" for our community school. It was a day filled with multiple dance classes, and were free.


We had so many adults.. it was crazy. There were 64 people in a medium sized studio, just for ballet. One standard sized barre (usually for 2.. or 4 at most) had 8-9 people. Several were folks who have dance ballet as a child but for some reason or the other felt the urge to come back.


Actually, looks like the pic for the free ballet class is up on the website, scroll to the bottom.. spot the Ripresa ;-)




The Jazz/Theatre dance classes were even more full.


It seems to me there is a hunger among adults to dance more, but very few avenues to pursue it.


Though it does seem to me that I'm getting more opportunities for performing and studying coming my way.. maybe there is starting to be more momentum for adult dancing?

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I wish!!! I'm determined to do recital this year, after not being able to do it the first year and being too scared to do it the second. I miss performing. I used to do a lot of musical theatre, especially in England - preferring the chorus/dancer parts because I got more out of that than the few times I had a specific role and I do miss it immensely. It's not possible to do that and do the level of ballet that I am doing now, though.


Tis true it's only for us, at this point, although teaching is always an option for those who really want to pursue something like a career. I read a book some time ago about teaching dance that was written about 50 or so years ago. In it, it related teaching to "...dancing by proxy..." So true!

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I checked out that site, looks like a fabulous day - although I don't like my ballet classes quite that crowded! :green: But nice to see so many adults interested in ballet :(

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It makes me kind of crazy.

When I was in college I desperately wanted to do something with dance as a career. My body size, type and anatomical issues pretty much put me out of any performing career. There were simply too many things I would never be able to do properly; or so they would look proper anyway.

I considered teaching. There was a "dance" minor available at my school but I knew from one experience working as a summer camp counselor one time that I did not want to teach kids. I wanted to teach adults. One of the teachers I had was the teacher of the broken and bruised up dancers for a professional company. That sounded cool. I was taking all sorts of stuff related to rehab of injuries. I might be able to do that if I learned to teach.

I was told there was no work for people who wanted to teach adults ballet and no avenue to gain any kind of credentules either. Some just fell into it after being professional dancers themselves.

I was 25 years ahead of the times it seems. There may be no avenue for credentials yet, but the demand it coming right along. Pity there seems to be less and less I can demonstrate in a worthwhile manner all the time, but I am working on it in every class.

May-be someday?

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