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I know I must be getting close to the recommended number of posts per day I've read about, but I needed some help. Moderators, feel free to help. I can't seem to straighten my left knee when on pointe. I notice it especially in passe. Let me share a few details that may help you see exactly what I mean. I had tendinitis in my left Achilles this summer, also along the top of my foot and the tendon that runs along the part of the foot that touches the ground, connecting the ball and heel. ( I can't think of a better way to put it) Also, I inflamed my bursa (spelling?) and the athletic trainer said it would make my foot not able to point as much. I have moderately hyper-extended knees, nothing extremely major though. Any words of wisdom? If you need more information on the extent of my injury, feel free to ask and I'll try to elaborate :)

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Hello giselee, welcome to the Young Dancers forum on Ballet Talk for Dancers. :thumbsup:


I'm just a bit confused about your question, because you said it's your left knee and especially in passé. Since the left knee is bent in that position, I don't quite understand. I will say, however, that I doubt that the previous foot problems have anything to do with straightening your knee, as that can happen whether your foot is pointed or not! Flex your foot and straighten your knee.....that should show you how it is different muscles that straighten the knee, even though the whole leg is involved in pointing the foot.


By the way, the teacher-moderators are the ONLY ones who answer questions and give advice on Young Dancers! :)

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Can you straighten it when you are at the barre? It is possible that, because of the injury, your left leg is not strong enough yet to support you on pointe. I would recommend that you do any one foot relevés only at the barre until you get your strength back. Also, since you are only 13, don't get impatient. The strength will come! :)

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