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Hi everyone,


I am currently in the situation where I reside half and half between Adelaide and Brisbane due to my study and work. I have a great ballet class here in Adelaide, but am seeking one in Brisbane. I usually stay in St Lucia while I'm in town but have the bus so can travel, somewhat.


Can anyone recommend an adult class, or a class where adults/casual visits are welcome? My current class is taught at an elementary/intermediate level, but we don't do pointe work.


Thanks in advance!

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I live in Brisbane, in the Western suburbs too. I can highly recommend classes at 2ballerinas - held in Bardon. The specialise in adults-only and have many classes per week all taught by excellent and experienced teachers (two have been principal dancers, and another runs her own dance company, and has in my opinion an OUTSTANDING knowledge of teaching), so you can find as many classes as you are likely to want at your particular level.


Access them via their website at 2ballerinas.com


I go to the two Thursday classes there, so if you do decide to come, please say hello. Its pretty obvious who I am.


There's another dance school with lots of ballet classes (plus many other dance styles) - you can reach it at: www.maddance.com.au. They teach mainly in the city centre, but also in West End sometimes. I've no experience with them, but suggest that they're worth a look. Of course there are lots of suburban schools with an occasional adult class.



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Thanks Jim- 2ballerinas look excellent! And they are only a couple of buses away from work.


Thanks so much for the recommendation.


I haven't ever taken two classes before but at 1:15 it may not be so bad- how long have you been doing the double for?

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Look forward to seeing you there!


Doing two classes - that has been on and off - depending on how things go and on my stamina - but its very exhilarating to be in class for 2 1/2 hrs rather than just 1 1/4. And also, I enjoy doing a more basic class, and then starting over again with a more advanced barre and so on.



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