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Being Treated Differently

Rose Allegro

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I absolutely love my ballet school and my teacher.

But when i arrived today for class all the other girls were sat on the floor

putting on demi pointe shoes!

Apparently over the summer the other girls were sent letters telling them to buy

demi pointes and where to buy them etc.


I am just wondering why I havent been given the chance to prepare for pointe?

I have been dancing for nearly three years now, I have very strong feet and ankles and I am working at the same pace as the other girls in my class.

I am worried that it may be because I started dancing at 16 and haven't taken an exam yet because me and my teacher both agreed that i should just move straight up into the next grade to be with the other girls who are closer to my age. My teacher doesn't seem to think that I am very serious about it.

Although I don't want to be a professional dancer surely that doesn't mean that i cannot be treated the same as everyone else?

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Facts of Life about Pointework


From information gleaned from other threads, you have told us that you are different from the other students in your classes. A look at the above thread will show you that you are only just now coming into the outer boundary of preparedness for pointe from the standpoint of time alone! We can't tell anything about your readiness from a technical and strength standpoint, because we can't see you. It's pretty universal, that three-year line, with the latest year spent in at least three 90-minute classes/week. It sounds as though your teacher is acting responsibly, and not passing you to pointe just because the others are doing so.

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