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Can you think of recent children of Dancers who Dance?


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:D:) I will start of with the ones I know, please add to the list.



Denys Ganio Domanique Klafouri Son is Mathuie Ganio (POB)

Noela Pontois - Mikedi Kudos

Laurent Hiliare Isabel Guerin ? Juliet Hilaire (just gone into POB)* AMENDMENT: Not sure about this young ladies Mother, as I have read that Isabel is married to someone else, lives abroad and they have a younger child?

apologies for any incorrect information. Nan.

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Nilas Martin and Ask la Cour (sons of Lise la Cour; Peter Martin is Nilas' father).


Try asking over on Ballet Talk. There is a great breadth and depth of knowledge. In fact, I feel sure there was discussion of this very topic once, but I cannot find it. I did find one thread on dancing siblings.

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Kaitlyn Gilliland, daughter of Lise Houlton, former soloist with American Ballet Theatre and a hand-picked favorite of Antony Tudor (according to the following article): article on Kaitlyn Gilliland


Thanks, Treefrog, for reminding us about the thread on BT, which led me to remember Kaitlyn and her mom.

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Ivan Sitnikov, corps at Maryinsky is the son of Irina Sitnikova-soloist of the 80's and 90's and now teacher at the Vaganova School.

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