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Teacher is confusing me!

miss ashley

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Last week, my dance teacher gave me tons of corrections, which is good (i think). this week, she wasn't as nice. on thursday, she didn't give me any corrections and gave everyone else at least 10 corrections each (there's about 8 other people in my class). then on saturday, my ballet teacher told me I had pretty feet. two minutes later, she yelled in my face, "WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?!" and hit me really hard in the shoulder when I was balancing in pointe shoes in passe. When she was correcting my friend behind me, she slammed her elbow in my back. There's even a bruise! We also did arabesque ponches. my ballet teacher said, "GOOD, ASHLEY." in this mean voice like I did something wrong. She never talks like that, even when she's mad. we had rehearsal for a performance we're doing soon, and the dance teacher came up and said, "I'm the tree!" and smiled at me. :offtopic:


She acts like I'm a bad dancer too even though I'm always listed first in my class for parts. Once she told me, "You're not even good at ballet. You don't do anything right. You're never going to be a dancer. You really need to just quit." then told me the next day, "You're a beautiful and talented dancer. I was just like you when I was a dancer." It's confusing! How do I deal with this?

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I can see what your teacher is trying to do, only she's not doing it the right way. She's trying to mix "reverse psychology" with "positive reinforcement", which can be done, but on much smaller issues than whether one should continue study or not. (Example: "I give up! You're never going to get that hip down in developpé.") Since this is a change from her usual way of behaving, she may be unaware that she's doing it, and/or she may be stressed by an issue outside the classroom.


"I'm the tree" is a metaphor for the apple not falling far from. She just told you she likes you, but in an oblique way. Just be aware that she's trying this way of approaching teaching, and let it roll off your back. I am a little concerned about the hitting, though. Let her know, privately, that it's not cool with you.

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She just sounds schizophrenic to me. :) Maybe she has just hit a particularly rough time in her life. :D

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Thanks, Mr. Johnson and Ms. Leigh! :cool2: You guys really helped. I've been concerned with this teacher for a while now. :innocent: Do you think I should switch to a different ballet studio? Or will this pass by eventually?

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Since you say that this behavior came on quickly, I'll bet that it will depart the same way. If not, THEN consider changing schools, but one week doesn't justify a change right now. Keep your ears open, but keep your mind open, too. (That doesn't mean vacant.)

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