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Rond de jambe en l'air


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I need a little advice on things like rand de jambs en l'air that involve rotating the leg when it's in extention. I never seem to be able to do it without letting my leg lower. I especially have problems going from the back to the side. Is this difficulty because some of my muscles are too weak or because of limited flexibility or is it just a lack of coordination? Is it something that will just improve with practise or is there some excersise or stretch I should be doing to help me with that kind of thing?


Please excuse me if I'm spelling ballet words wrong. It's really weird, but I just suddenly forgot how to spell rand de jamb.

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Magdalena, I fixed your title for you :rolleyes:


Rond de jambe en l'air is primarily a matter of understanding HOW to do them. Moving from side to back and from back to side involved adjustments in placement. Learn how to do them correctly at a low level, and then gradually take the leg a bit higher. The leg should either stay at one level all the way around, or it can go higher in each position. It should never go lower on the way around! I suggest you ask your teacher to help you with this, as it is really a "hands on" thing, where the teacher needs to help you.

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Thanks. (And thanks for changing my spelling; I don't know why I was forgetting things yesterday)

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