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Relevé on pointe


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To do a relevé on pointe on one leg, I learned to position my weight over the toes in the fondu and then go up where the toes are, but some teachers ask to move the pointe under oneself going up; which is correct? I feel that if I plié with my weight spread over my foot, I would have to jump and bring the toes under where my weight is to go up in one line; am I supposed to have my weight over the center of my foot in plié, or over my toes?

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Mirelle, this is a technique question, rather than a shoe question, so I moved it over here. :wink:


The relevé you describe is just a different kind of relevé, and dancers really need to be able to do it both ways. When you do consecutive relevés on one foot, like fouettés, for instance, and you do not want to travel, you need to be able to snatch that foot under just a bit. You do not jump, but there is just a little bit of a "spring", which takes a different energy. It's harder, I think, but can also make you stronger, and is needed for some things.

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