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Lately I have been having a very difficult time in ballet. I stuck my bottom out during a plie (which felt wrong and my teacher noticed it) I've been wobbly during frappes (when we do them on releve with a pointed foot) and I just can't balance as well, especially grande plies in the centre. Today is my 3rd week back into ballet after summer break. Is there anything I can do? I don't know what has gotten into me! :(

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I grew 3 inches. I'm 5'7". :(


So is there anything I can do? Or will I just outgrow this?

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A - HA! :( I thought so! No, don't try to outgrow it, what you have to do now is find your placement and alignment again with three additional inches you didn't have before the summer! You did it once before, you can do it again!

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A little off? I'm surprised that they're not a LOT off! You've got a completely different center of gravity now! :D

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Well, yes, I guess they are. But I have been working on them and they are getting better, so they aren't really a problem any longer.

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Yeah, I've had the same problem over the summer. I was about 5' 2" in May (when I had my last physical), and now I'm 5' 4" as of last week (measured for costumes for Nutcracker)! My turns are really slowly getting back to normal. It seems that every time I finally get used to that extra inch, my body adds another one! Oh well, I guess I have to stop growing at SOME point.

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Strange... I feel that my pirouettes have gotten better since the summer. I'm quite short, so maybe I needed those couple inches to get them right. :) Is that possible?

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Yes, that is possible. Growing sometimes works in a postive way, and sometimes not. It is easier for people who not built as long and loose. If they are a bit more compact in stature the center might not be as affected by growth. Often the legs grow long before the rest of the body, and the feet too, and the torso is not strong enough to control all that length below. But, it eventually catches up! :)

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That happened to me! Last year, I was the shortest child in the party scene and now I am the tallest. It didn't affect me that much because when I had my growth spurt during the summer, I was at my SI.

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