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pretty feet?


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What does the teacher mean when she says you have pretty feet?


And what are high arches good for?

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I've been wondering the same too! I think it means you articulate well when you do tendus and brushes and stuff, OR it means your feet are strong and arched well.


High arches are good for...I don't know! I have high arches and I honestly don't know what they're good for :thumbsup::( They're not so good for pointe if you can't get up.

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Oh really? I thought high arches were good for pointe, but I don't know. Well hopefully having "pretty feet" and high arches help with pointe.

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That's about it. High arches look great, but they can be weak.


Now, students, don't go overboard and start to give advice to one another. In this case, it was harmless, but you should wait for a moderator-teacher to get in some licks first, then put up your follow-on material.

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A pretty foot is one that is well arched, has a good instep, and is attached to a leg that is well turned out so that there is a good line. A pretty foot is one that is very well trained in terms of HOW to use it, all the time. It has to have enough flexibility to create the nice curve on pointe, but also enough strength to be solid on pointe. Look at photos of professional dancers and study their feet, both on pointe and in extended positions.

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nycb2b, this question has been answered by 2 Teacher Administrators. PLEASE read the whole thread before responding to a topic.

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Oh, yes, my teacher has also brought me up to the front of the class a few times to show off my "pretty feet." I am very happy to have a teacher who is so kind and a class that is so receptive. :wacko:

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Lexii, are you being funny, or are you serious? They are talking about the shape of the feet and how they look in ballet, not how they look when not in shoes.

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