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Since I started college last month, I have been taking a modern class through the university. (Ballet couldn't fit in my schedule, so it must wait until next semester, but modern dance is better than no dance, in my opinion.) In class the other day, my teacher noticed that I was having difficulty with an exercise we were supposed to be doing. He told me to stand up straight and, after examining me for a minute, said that my legs were shaped oddly. We had already addressed my hyperextension (I'm moderate, I guess, but I don't how one determines their degree of hyperextension), but apparantly my legs, and I quote, "turn out below the knee", causing some issues with all of the parallel work. I'm assuming this... condition (?) has a name, but I don't know it. I know for a fact that it's causing some trouble in modern, but will hinder me in ballet as well?

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That could be several things, but the most common would be "tibial torsion". Yes, it can contribute to rolling in when standing, but now you know about it, so you can watch that that doesn't happen, if it hasn't already been trained out of you.

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