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How do you improve your core strength? In ballet class I fell as though I'm all over the place. I do pilates every day and yoga once a week. Before going into class I do 50-100 crunches but I still don't have a stable core. Is there anything I can do? :yes: Thanks.

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Crunches really don't do much to build true core strength, which involves activating the deep musculature of the torso. "Doing Pilates" might, but it would depend on what exercises you do, ditto with yoga.

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Building core strength has a great deal to do with the activation of muscles which support and move the arms and legs. IMO, you would do your core strength more good by simply placing and using your arms correctly in all port de bras than by doing a thousand crunches. Floor exercises which feature extensions of the leg while you're lying on your back (or front) go to core strength. Supporting your leg properly in developpé will build core strength. There are hundreds of answers to this question, but this is, IMO, a sure way to build core strength. Pilates is great as a supplement, but good old ballet done correctly over a long period of time is the best.

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