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Anyone Remember Ballet Arlu?

Mme. Hermine

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Sorry if I'm in the wrong forum, but please relocate this?


I was talking to someone about a pair of dancers/teachers named Florin Lubal and Asta Arisa, some time in the 1960s/70s in California, and they were wondering what had become of them; does anyone remember them or know what happened to them?



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Never heard of them and Google produced nada. Anyone???

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I googled too, and did find something - actually it was the website of a former dancer, now university professor I think. The fellow had published on a wide range of topics, so I got a bit side-tracked while looking. Will see if I can find this again.




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thanks for looking, folks, i had made the request for a friend who knew them when she was younger, and she said she'd already seen that, but there didn't seem to be anything else (as you said). all i know is that they were in california teaching in the late 1960s and came from france and also appeared to have worked at the folies bergeres (!) i think she wrote to him but i don't know if she heard anything.

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I do know of a Ms. Florin Lubal who is still teaching in California in the Central Valley. I do not know if she is one and the same, but she is absolutely amazing, and has been in the industry for decades!!!!! She has toured the world with various companies, and is still one of the greatest ballerinas I have ever seen! You may try to reach her by contacting Tiffany's Center of Performing Arts 209-829-8534.

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, kimberlee!!!

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Yeah, I remember them and I do know something now. I put in a lengthy post yesterday, which was confiscated by the ballet police, lol... I did study with them for over 2 years in the 70s and I also have located a dancer that was with them at that time. I am having great difficulty finding the "Victorian Tea Party" Rules here, so my guess is that I'm not allowed to divulge my personal information so that someone may contact me, but if someone sees this and wants to know something, perhaps we can put our pretty, polite heads together, and figure it out.


Best, "Prima"

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L, I guess I'm the ballet police who "confiscated" (actually, made invisible) your previous post. You are an adult, and set your own privacy parameters, and you certainly MAY publish your personal contact information for all the world to see. But let me tell you that you will attract the attention of spam harvesters, which pick up email addresses and market the info to anyone who has something to sell. Your choice.


But as I said, if you want to publish your email address, it's up to you and you may converse with anybody about anything in any way you want, off-board. :sweating:


PS. As a 61-year-old guy, I may still be polite, but I ain't pretty! :o

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The custom for those who can't yet PM is to post their email address temporarily, coming back to delete by editing the orignal post, after a couple days or being contacted, whichever comes first, yes?


Pmeja, this has piqued my interest. I love their names! Can you tell us a little something about them?

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Hi Arizona,


If I was reading Pmeja's inquiry correctly, she was inquiring for a friend who had interacted with them at some point. I did study with them for 2 and a half years in the 70s and I finally made contact with another student of theirs after 34 years, just two days ago! It was like finding a long lost sister, and we shared so much that I think was very helpful to us both. Life does go on, but some things become a part of us forever. It was a very tiny group at the time I was there. Yes, their names are unique and very interesting and I'm afraid that I'm going to have to leave it at that, because of the nature of this forum. I did attempt to say many factual things about them, but as mentioned before, I did not realize that this forum is run by a board who is naturally wary of certain information being expressed on here. I was very young, and had an intense desire to be a ballet dancer, and had to overcome many obstacles such as starting my ballet training only at the age of 15. I was away from my family by the time I was 17, and had a lot of insecurities as many teenagers do and limited knowledge of certain things. All of this can make a young, ambitious dancer, very vulnerable.


I do not feel comfortable giving out my contact information, however if someone who studied with them feels the need to contact someone who was there and the reasons will be extremely clear to those that did, I would very much be interested in arranging a time on here, and I could post my IM IDs, and we could chat that way and exchange other contact info as well.


I would require clear proof that the other person knew them and again, that is very easy to do. From what I now know, nothing much has changed.


In addition, those who studied with them, will most likely be interested in googling "Chuck Stewart" who did perform with them briefly and was able to corroborate much of what I said. There you will find a link to something having to do with ballet that will ring true to those who studied with the Luballs. I am sorry to have to be so cryptic here, but understandably, that is the way it must be. I wish anyone who reads this much peace and love and also to know that you are not alone.



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Thank you, primaballerina33, for a useful and productive post, which will further discussion while maintaining board standards. I hope that more of the "missing" will appear, and we can facilitate a meeting.

Merry Christmas,

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If someone would like to contact primaballerina33 you may write to Contact Us, through the link at the top of all our pages. It will come to me, and I will forward it to her. I do not normally do this, but I think this situation warrants some specific attention, and I would prefer not to have anything further posted about this program here. There does not seem to be any new first hand knowledge, the original post is well over a year old, and the new information seems to be very specifically oriented to people who were there at a certain period of time. Therefore, I will facilitate this the best I can, but I'm closing the thread.

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