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sorta new to ballet

Tamara Watts

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I'm sorta new to ballet. I took ballet at school for an elective but I really didn't learn anything and what I did learn I have forgotten. If there are any dancers in raleigh North Carolina, please tell me which school you go to and how well you are taught. I have also lost all of my flexibility. so if anyone can suggest any stretches, i would be totally endebted to you!!!! :)

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Hi Tamara. I just welcomed you over on the other forum, so will not repeat myself here. :)


The best way to find a school is to visit all the schools in your area, especially any that are ballet intense, as opposed to competition type schools. There should be quite a few levels of ballet, and watching the top levels can give you a good idea of the quality of the training at the school. If there are advanced classes, they should be classes which meet every day, 5-6 days a week. If you see an "advanced" class which meets once or twice a week, it will NOT be an advanced class and you really do not want that school.


As for stretches, we really prefer that you learn them from a teacher or physical trainer, as it can be dangerous for you to try to learn stretches in this format, especially since you have not been training and will need to start slowly and carefully.


I recommend that you find a school very quickly, before it gets any further into the school year and there won't be a place for you.

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thanks so much. i have found a school in cary but i'm not sure i will be able to get my parents to drive twice a week. lol. stupid gas prices. i don't drive and i feel the pains in my wallet...... :)

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