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pirouettes and balance


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I really need help with my pirouettes I can do a single but no way can I do a double im really behind in them and need to improve.

Also Im not very good balancing in any position on pointe or even demi pointe I just totally lose it I think I need to find my center how can I do this?


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butterflyprincess without seeing you it is quite difficult to give you specifics about what you must do. Asking your teacher for a bit of help after class could help you quite a bit. Balancing on demi pointe is the first step to success with single and double pirouettes. Work on balancing in the centre on two feet on demi pointe with your arms in 1st position. Remember to go straight up, no shifting from side to side. Stretch your neck and the top of your head up to the ceiling as if you are being pulled upward as if in an elevator going to the top floor very quickly. Coordination of the demi plie/releve with the arms must also be exact. Try singing a tune as you balance rather than counting. No wobbling. :yes:


Another issue may be your spot. If you do not spot correctly two rotations cannot be completed well. Also breathe, do not hold your breath!


You may also need stretching exercises for your torso. You can ask your teacher about this as well.


Just for information how long have you been studying ballet, how many days a week do you take class and how long have you been studying pirouette?

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