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Are you on a skateboard or not? In ballet, that's called a tour en l'air. Or are you talking about the 540 kick in martial arts? That's a grand pas de basque en tournant. What happens when you land?

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I believe the 540 he is reffering to is the glorified Revlatad. Pardon my wonderful french. I would not call it a pas de basque en tournant seeing that you follow through on the landing on the opposite foot you would a pas de basque.


What exactly do you need help on? Need specifics....

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It's not exactly a rivoltade, either, which is the step where you begin with a grand battement devant, and appear to be jumping over it with the other leg, whether straight-legged or through a retiré.


In martial arts, it appears in kung fu, tae kwon do (which is where I know it from), and savate. It's a variant on the chassé-coupé-jeté steps usually done en manege autour de la salle. Except that the legs perform arcs in the air, it would be like a pas de ciseaux, the jazz dancers' "switch leap". In landing from this sort of kick, you land on both feet in fourth position, ready to transition into another one, or to do another step.

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