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How did your son get started?

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My Godson got started in dance with a conversation I had with his dad, who is also one of my Godsons. And is also how I got started in dance

I have know his dad since his dad was 6 and when his dad and uncles were young I used to kid them that I would put them in dance, they of course were horrified, I would have put them in dance back then if any of them had shown any interest, but it was not to happen, even after I had taken then to see the Nutcracker. 

Fast forward about 30 years and my Godson's dad and I are just talking and he reminds me about how I used to kid them when they were little about putting them in dance, I remembered and smiled he went on to say how he wished I had. It was a forehead smack moment because I would have been only to happy to put him in dance back then.

I explained that he was now to old for me to put him in dance now, if he wants to dance it is something he can take up on his own now, but I said I would gladly put his son in dance, he was thrilled with this plan so then I had to work on my young godson to get him going in dance, I wanted him to agree to it, I didn't think it would work out to well if I forced him into dance.

As I was looking after my godson every Sunday at the time, and I was taking him to little kids karate on Saturday mornings, I saw him pretty regularly, now he was always moving and 'dancing' to music so I thought dance would be a good fit for him, I asked him one Saturday after karate if he wanted to take dance, he said "No, only girls do dance." 

I was shocked, I didn't understand where he picked up this attitude at the age of 3, but thank goodness for youtube, I was able to show him many videos of boys dancing, so that removed his 'only girls do dance' reasoning, when I asked again he again said 'No, where would I go to take dance if I did?' so we had to do a drive by of the dance school I had found online that was in our city, that had a convenient Saturday morning class, (I was moving him from Saturday karate to 3 days a week karate) so we did a drive by and he decided the place looked nice but was concerned about if his teacher would be nice, I said I was sure that who ever his teacher would be would be very nice, so he grudgingly agreed to try ballet lessons.

So come September of his 4th year I enrolled him in ballet, when I went to pick him up to take him to his first class, I was talking with his dad and he interrupted me and said "Can we just go?" I laughed and ensured him that it was going to be fun he replied "No its going to be horrible." I hugged him and we left for his first dance class.

I waited while he was in his lesson and when he came out he had a huge smile on his face, I asked him if he had fun and he said YES I asked him if he liked it he said YES I asked him if he wanted to keep coming to ballet lessons and he again said YES I tried hard not to laugh.

So as we were leaving his second class a week later, one of the ladies that worked the front desk, asked me "So are we signing you up for the adult classes?" now I have always loved ballet, but as a spectator, not as a dancer, I had no intention of taking dance classes myself, but as things were still somewhat on shaky ground with my godson staying in dance, I thought quickly while looking like a deer caught in the headlights, I tried to come up with a way to say no and that it was ok for my godson to take classes but not for me, finally I figured that since I have chronic pain in my feet, my feet would never tolerate dance lessons, so I could give ballet an honest try and then in a few weeks bow out saying my feet just wouldn't handle it, so I said sure.

About a month later I was driving home from one of my dance classes and realized I had no pain in my feet, this was startling for me as it was the first time in 2 years that I had been pain free for any reason, even strong pain meds, I was amazed and figured if dance made the pain go away then a dance student I would be.

It has worked out well that we are both taking ballet lessons I have been able to tackle all the tough topics for my godson, like tights and dance belts, I make him help me with the laundry and he has seen my tights and dance belts, and as soon as he saw mine he wanted his own, even a dance belt, I asked the AD of our school if he had ever had a boy ask for his dance belt before he said he had not lol.

we are both finishing our 3rd year of lessons where we end up with this only time will tell 



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What an awesome story, Godfather! Thanks for sharing. 😊

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Love this story. Good luck to both of you and let us have updates 


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How absolutely amazing! And thank you for letting your godson know that it is perfectly acceptable for anyone of any age to want to dance! Best to you both and please keep us updated!!!

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Thought I’d just give a quick update, 

my godson and I are starting our 4th year of lessons. My godson had to choose this year between dance and karate, I knew this would come but I thought he would have at least 1 more year before he would need to choose, but they changed the schedule around at dance and he would be taking dance classes through the week and on Saturday’s, so I told him he’d have to choose because he couldn’t do both anymore. 

My godson thought about it for about 30 seconds then said “Dance” 

So this year he is taking 4 classes a week for a total of 3 3/4 hours of dance a week, he has 2 regular ballet classes a boys only class and he’s taking a contemporary class, he’s loving it 

I’m still taking classes I’m taking classes 5 days a week for a total of 7 hours a week, I’m taking 4 ballet classes and I’m trying contemporary this year too.

my godson now is telling me he wants to be a great ballet dancer, we’ll see what happens lol 


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