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good private school NY/Manhatten


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I'm new here and my daughter is in an excellent pre-pro school. She is in middle school right now and we are missing the last period of school every other day in order for us to make the long commute to her ballet school. We have received special permission for her to do so this year but I don't like her missing any school even if it's just art. Does anyone know of a good private school near the city (or in Manhattan) where I could send her next year that may allow students to work their schedule around ballet?


Thank you.

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The Professional Children's School works with this all the time:




There are also private online schools that of course allow flexibility with when work is completed, but also allow students to do less work when they are performing and more at times when they are not.


There are private schools outside the city that are flexible with schedules, and there are schools that end earlier than others - it might help if you narrowed down the area a little. A school in New Jersey isn't going to help much if you live in Westchester County ;)

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