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This is DD's dance schedule...She's 11 and is thinking about adding a jazz class for an hour after class on Wed and a pilates class for an hour before class on Friday. It seems like a lot of hours...how important do you think it is to add those two classes to her schedule? (she's only taken a couple jazz classes before and did like it and she's not thrilled about taking pilates but does realize that it will help with strengthening).

Mon no class

Tues 1.5 hrs ballet (last 1/2 hour pointe)

Wed 2 hrs ballet (last 1/2 hour pointe)

Thurs 1.5 hrs ballet

Fri 2 hrs ballet (last 1/2 hour pointe)

Sat 1.5 hrs ballet

2 hours performing group


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Balletdaughter, I think that this is really quite a heavy schedule for an 11 year old! The additional classes are not that important at this time, unless her teacher has specifically told her that she NEEDS the Pilates. Jazz can wait a bit. You don't want her to burn out before 12! :wink::innocent:

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Thank you, Ms. Leigh, for your response. I thought it was a lot but I'm not objective so I wanted another opinion. All those classes are required for her level except for Saturday but she really wanted to be part of the performing group so that's why we opted for that one. I think we'll take your advice and wait a bit on adding anything else. Her teacher had not specifically told her that she needed the Pilates. Thanks again.

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Is my 11.5 year old 6th grade dd, who aspires (at this time) to pursue a career in dance, getting the right amount of training? Her schedule is:

Mon. & Thurs. - 1.5 hours of ballet, with pointe in the last half hour on Monday

Tues. - 75 mins. of pointe followed by 75 mins. of jazz

rep. or show rehearsal for one hour following class, usually once a week

There is an optional ballet/pointe class on Weds. which we have not picked up yet, thinking she was still young. Several of the girls in her level take it, but they are all at a year or two older than my daughter. Should we add it or are we OK for now? At what stage should we add a fourth day?

Thanks for taking the time to evaluate her schedule. Happy Valentines Day!

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