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I am a pretty flexible dancer, but I can never do ponches center!


At the barre I can get them practically 180 degrees but center it just doesn't happen. I either fall out of it, touch the floor or my leg is not high enough.


if anyone has any tips to help with ponches they would be greatly appreciated.


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Then you're relying far too much on the barre for balance.


When you do a penché, stand on your supporting foot with the weight evenly distributed through a control zone which runs from a line across the foot at the metatarsal and extends back to the front of the ball of the heel. Don't get too far back on your heel, or you'll never do the penché, or if you do, you won't be able to come back up! Feel as though someone has gripped the point of the big toe and is pulling backwards on it. Then feel as though someone has taken your finger on the front arm, and is pulling forward. You may want to enlist the aid of two friends actually to do this pulling until you can do it yourself.

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I just asked my ballet teacher that question as well, and she said exactly what Mr. Johnson said and to make sure your side arm is directly to the side and not behind you. Another ballet teacher also told me to pick a spot on the ground in front of you and keep your eyes focused on that spot while going down into the penche. I tried a few penches while keeping those things in mind and I was able to do them sucessfully. :) Hope this helps! :thumbsup:


Nutmegdancer :clapping:

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