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Just curious as to what your darling children's after-school schedules are like. I have a 5 yo DD and here is her schedule:


Monday: 1 hour soccer practice

Wednesday: 1 hour gymnastics

Saturday: 1 hour soccer game

Sunday: 45 minutes pre-ballet


After soccer season ends, she is asking for another hour of gymnastics or ballet. I'm still mulling it over. As for my non-dancing 7 yo son, he has gymnastics and soccer too, and we are going to add hip hop and ballet to his roster after soccer season is over.


How about you guys?

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My daughter will be 5 next week and she does the following:


Monday 1 hour gymnastics

Tuesday 1.5 hours ballet

Thursday 45 minutes cheerdance & 30 minutes Scottish

Saturday 40 minutes ballet & 30 minutes modern


I've got her name down for swimming lessons which should be available in a couple of months and also another evening of gymnastics but I think it'll be about a year before a space is available.


All her dance classes are free by the way as I run the school!

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my daughter is 10 and she's in rhytmic gymnastics and ballet.


monday 3 hours rg

tuesday 2 hours ballet

wednesday 3 hours rg

friday 3 hours rg

saturday 1.5 hours ballet+2.5 hours rg

sunday 3 hours rg

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This is my son's first "busy" schedule (he'll be 10 in a few weeks). Up 'til now it's just been 2 or 3 days a week of 1 hour ballet classes. This year he really wanted to go all out, and I'm cautiously allowing it.


He is currently taking a year off from the big company-affiliated ballet school and having a "fun year" or two before it's time for him to get serious in ballet. He wanted to try other dance forms besides ballet, experience some dance competitions, and spend time with gymnastics again mastering that elusive back handspring (he quit gymnastics to do ballet at the age of 7).


So, we're temporarily at a small, local dance school. His teachers at the company ballet school are aware of what he's doing and are supportive. I may be wrong, but I think boys have the luxury of putting off serious training a little longer than girls since they don't have that all-encompassing goal of going en pointe by 11 or 12.


Anyway... this year's schedule:


Monday: 1 hour boys gymnastics (level 4 recreational class)

Tuesday: 1 hour ballet, 1 hour jazz

Wednesday: 1 hour ballet, 1 hour tap (morning homeschool classes), 1 hour tumbling class at gymnastics (afternoon)

Thursday: 1 hour Cub Scouts

Friday: 1 hour ballet, 1 hour stretching class

Saturday: 2 hour junior company rehearsals, 2 hours Nutcracker rehearsals (Oct-Dec)

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Dd's afternoon schedule this year:


Monday: 1.5 hours technique/30 minutes pointe/45 minutes variations/rep

Tuesday: 2 hours ballet technique at a lower level (2 classes in a row), second hour en pointe

Wednesday: 1 hour modern/1.5 hours ballet technique

Thursday: Hang out with friends!

Friday: 1 hour pilates/1.5 hours technique/30 minutes pointe

Saturday: 1.5 hours technique/30 minutes pointe

Saturday afternoon - Sunday: Almost always has a sleepover either at our house or a friend's house :thumbsup:


In addition, she will have rehearsal hours in November and December for her ballet school's winter production in...January!


As I was typing this, dd told me that her teacher wants her to add another 1.5 hour technique class.

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