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This past summer I went to my first real intensive. We had an hour on pointe a day there, for 5 weeks. During this program, I got pretty bad tendinitis (the athletic teacher told me to sit out of some classes) Also plantar fashitis (spelling?)


Since I've gotten back from there, my feet have been getting much better; I ice every day after pointe, and do my exercises the trainer gave me this summer. They're defiantly improving. :lol:



So this is my question. I know only time will tell with my feet, but would this be a good idea?


I'm considering Kaatsbaan, which is a super intense 3 week program, which people have said you spend up to 3 1/2 hours a day on pointe, and up to 7 1/2 hours on your feet dancing. I really would love to go, it sounds great, but I'm not quite sure my feet could take it. Also, I'm only 14, so I don't want to cause permanent damage.


So, even if my tendons do recover, would it be the best choice? :ermm: *


*My feet are also much stronger now.


Advice please!

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giselee, you have a few months yet before auditions, so, I would think it might be best to just wait and see how you are come January and February, when all the auditions take place. At that time, you should attend several auditions, as you cannot count on being accepted at only the one first choice program, especially that one, as it is a small and highly selective program. We always recommend that you audition for all the programs who hold auditions in your area, and if some are not there, then send in video auditions. Of course you must check first to see if they accept video auditions, and also what they require for those videos. :ermm:

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In the meantime, I would try to build something into my schedule to get some continuous rest for your tendinitis. I'm talking a minimum of three days, better a week, off. People take one day off and say, "OK, I've done rest." No they haven't.

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Thank you for all your advice, and so quickly!


Ms.Leigh, I will also go to many other auditions, all the ones that sound interesting to me. Most of the programs would require me to get a fairly large scholarship :) But my mother said I can try.


And Mr.Johnson, my mother has been arranging for me to do what you suggested. My studio has agreed to let me have a few days off a week, and take some lower level classes on the days that I am there. We'll see if this works.


Thanks again, this is such a great board! :shrug:

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giselee, not sure what you mean about a few days off and then some lower level classes on days you are there. Taking days off and then doing extra classes, like more than one tech. and one pointe, on other days, is NOT a good idea. You would be better off dancing 6 days a week with a normal amount each day than doubling up on a few days and then taking more days off. Please explain the planned schedule.

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What I meant was (ie) if I had my regular level of pointe one day, instead of taking that one, I could take a lower level one for a bit while my feet recover so it wouldn't be so hard on my feet.



This will just be for perhaps a month or two, as I don't want to get too weak. Also, I will be doing exercises that the trainer gave me on the days I'm not at dance, to help stretch them out and build strength.


Hope this helps! :)

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Okay, that's cool! Just did not want you doing too much in one day, as that could make the problem worse.

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