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Thera-Bands For Strengthening - Best Exercises and Techniques?


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Hello. :thumbsup: I have been assigned thera-band exercises by my physiotherapist to help strengthen my hips (I have strained ligaments due to the fact the I have insufficient muscular strength to support my hypermobile hip and lumbar area). It is difficult and painful for me to raise my leg in a la seconde, primarily, but also en avant (but not en arriere - weirdly)


Aside from a couple of basic exercises, he has asked that I do my usual ballet 'moves', but with a thera-band attached to provide resistance. While he is a very good physio, he really specialises in treating footballers - and I was just wondering if anyone with more ballet knowledge could offer and advice as to the best steps to perform for hip strengthening? :) I'm guessing it's things like tendu a la seconde (I sustained the original injury doing ronde de jambe en l'air) - but ought I attach the theraband to my other leg, or a table, or what?


Any advice would be appreciated


P.S. - I posted this here because, although I am looking for advice on rehab from an injury, I supposed that hip strengthening with a thera-band might be of use to everyone - and not just those of us currently hobbling ;) Sorry if this is the wrong forum.

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I really like my book by Eric Franklin called "Conditioning for Dance:Training for peak performance in all dance forms"


It has a ton of exercises using therabands and ######, and generally he seems to give sound advice.


PS. LOL! The filter on the board filtered out a word meaning "spheres" :)

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I agree with Lampwick. Eric Franklin's book is fantastic.


Chapter 7 contains exercises specifically for strengthening the legs, hip and feet. Yes, you do need to attach (wrap) the Theraband to something stable, such as a table leg, or a partner's leg (!), while you perform the exercises.


Besides practical exercises with Therabands and "spheres", the book also contains great "imagery" exercises so we can use our mind to improve our desired results.

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*Facepalm* I bought that book from Amazon ages ago (I was sold on the idea of visualising my way to perfect pirouettes - ha! :dry: ) and then completely forgot I had it!


Thanks, lampwick and airchild! I'll drag it out and get working!



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