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Small feet

jane s

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One of the corrections I get most often is that I don't work through my feet - and looking in the mirror I can see that I do not appear to be doing that - but if I take my shoes off & dance in socks or tights, it seems I actually am.


The problem sees to be that it doesn't show up when I'm wearing my ballet shoes. I'm wondering if it is because I have very small feet, so that the movement is so subtle that you can't see it through the shoes?


My feet don't arch over like my teacher's feet do, but nor do most of the others in the class.


Any ideas?

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If the work of your feet is being "seen" without the ballet shoes on. Then it is not because you have too small feet, but you should look for shoes fitting your feet better!

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I also got small feet (2.5 flats and 3 pointes), not extremly small but smaller than avarage. I made the experience, that a badly cut shoe (for your feet) can really destroy the arche. I have "good" feet (for ballet) but not all shoes show my arche off. Some let my feet appear a bit strange. I'd try to find a shoe that fits you well and also shows your feet a bit off. I made very good experience with the Bloch Pro Arche flat. I think the general cut of the shoe makes small feet not so tiny-looking and the split sole let's the foot work to the maximum pretty well.

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