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Uncertain student

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I haven't donned a pair of slippers for 25 years ...

I've recently fallen in love with ballet and am wondering if it's too late to start. How far can I hope to get? ... Lets say I remember the five basic stances and what a plie looks like ... I think.

Anyone out there? I'm not aiming for the national academy or anything professional like that. A tiny dream of a back row chorus spot may be brewing.


Thanks to all who reply.

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Look through the back posts - this question comes up every few months. I took my first ballet lesson five years ago at 56 and am now taking classes labeled "intermediate" - is that an answer? :P

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Welcome, DavisW, and you are not alone! As Olddude says, look back through this forum (Adult Buddy Board) and you'll find lots of stories of the "beginneragains" It's wonderful that you're back, and you'll be surprised at how that old, old muscle memory kicks in!

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I'm another one that recently came back after about 25 years! I started in January. I am now holding my own in the slower intermediate classes, treading water in the fasterintermediate classes, and struggling through the occassional advanced class.


I found it was easier to catch on to barre work at first. I still have difficulty remembering longer combinations in the center, esp long petite allegro, but I muddle through. It's funny what I remember and even funnier what I don't remember sometimes! We did some preparation exercised for fouette turns in class the other day. I didn't think I could do it, but once I tried, it felt so familiar. Better yet, according to my instructor, I was doing them correctly!


In one of my classes, there are several women who've only been dancing for 4-5 years. They are all dancing en pointe now. Several also take the adult roles in a local dance ensemble. I think there are multiple possibilities, depending on where you live. I was very pleasantly surprised to find an active adult dance community locally. It's almost like a secret club. I dance at 3 different studios, depending on my schedule and I'm always running into others who do studio hop too.

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Hi DavisW,

I started a little over a year ago after 27 years' hiatus - and I'm loving it! :unsure:

You'd be amazed by how much your muscles remember the feeling of dancing ballet, like pointing and tendu.


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